250kg 2T Small Blast Freezer Liquid Nitrogen IQF Tunnel Freezer Machine For Fish Seafoods Shirme Frozen Food

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Product Overview


250kg-2T Small Blast Freezer Liquid Nitrogen IQF Tunnel Freezer Machine For Fish Seafoods Shirme Frozen Food

Product Description

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Introduction of IQF liquid nitrogen quick freezer:

The tunnel freezer uses liquid nitrogen (LIN) as a refrigerant to freeze food directly, suitable for all kinds of foods. It is modular in design, enabling you to expand production by adding additional tunnels for a longer freezing production line. It is available in several models and belt widths with production rates of 300–2,500 kg/h .

Liquid nitrogen temperatures can reach minus 196 degrees Celsius(-196).When it is in contact with food,Gasification will be able to take heat away more quickly.The ultra-low temperature and high heat exchange rate achieve a really quick reozen.Such repid freezing,generating the smallest ice crystals, and helps maintain food texture.This also prevents water loss, and almost no loss:to maintain the original color,flavor and original quality of the food.These vaporized refrigerant nitrogen is directed to the front end of the refrigerating machine uniformly,complete the exchange of hot inverse,thereby improving the utilization of the nitrogen.

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Feature of liquid nitrogen quick freezer:

1) Nitrogen freezer, the lowest temperature is -190C.

2) Fast freezing time, the fastest freezing time is 5 minutes.

3) No damage of cell structure, no dehydration and dry loss,no moisture loss.

4) improve productivity, improve texture, color, flavor of frozen product.

5) The nitrogen freezer is Environmental, no pollution, no noise.

6) Easy to operate and easy to repair, dont need special technician.

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Adjustable bracket base, 300 mm exhaust outlet

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Excellent sanitary design and it can lift,wash conveniently,prevent cross contamination.

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It has an non-sticky mesh belt with belt scraper, whose material is 304 stainless steel.

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Advanced control system, Built-in high-speed fan, it’s antirust ,removable and made of stainless steel.

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Conveyor belt’s speed is adjustable.

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Packaging & Shipping

Wooden packaging. Mode of transport: by sea or by train.


Our Services

OEM, ODM. We can provide a good after-sales service.


Company Information

Cryo Chains is a high and new tech enterprises, which is specialized in R&D, manufacturing and selling stainless steel biological liquid nitrogen container, aluminum alloy biological liquid nitrogen container, liquid nitrogen filling tank, various customize cryogenic containers, cryogenic pipeline, Cryogenic instruments & equipments and managing system software for stem cell banks and biological sample banks.

Cryo Chains has always been upholding the corporate concept that “the company should seek supreme quality, advanced technology, sincere service and innovative development”. We have a technical team of professional technical personnel with experience of about many years in R&D and manufacturing of various types of cryogenic liquid storage and transportation equipment. Particularly, we have accumulated rich experience in acquiring and keeping vacuum, multi-layer insulation, biological product cryopreservation, cryogenic intelligent electronic control system, and so forth.

Cryo Chains is also equipped with advanced manufacturing facility, manufacturing technology, detection means, and professional cryogenic product design and scale production capability. Having successful experience of several major cryogenic engineering implementations, we have established technical cooperation with many higher institutes and research institutions. Our business covers stem cell bank, blood bank, hospital, biological engineering, animal husbandry, higher institute, research institution, machinery, petrifaction, semi-conductor, aerospace, superconductor, industrial gas and liquid, metallurgy, new material, air separation, low carbon chemical engineering and so on, and could provide mature program design.

Our products have passed the test of national cryogenic liquid container testing center; meanwhile we get the CE certificate. The company strictly follows ISO 9001 quality control procedures to ensure its product quality and 100% qualified product rate. In the meanwhile, after-sale service system of quick response is established to make sure that users can safely use its products. Now our products have been sold to over 5
0 countries in the world and earn very good reputation.



Q: What are the advantages of liquid nitrogen quick-freezing technology?

A: 1. Liquid nitrogen is non-toxic, and inert to food ingredients, is so far the world's most environmentally friendly most economical freezing and cooling medium.

2 frozen food quality is high. As the liquid nitrogen quick-frozen for a short time, the lowest temperature -196 ℃, the liquid nitrogen quick-frozen food can be processed to maximize the preservation of the color, smell, taste and nutritional value. Reduced water loss, lossless, reduced weight, freshness retention, improved product quality, and increased yield (more products can be operated simultaneously).

3. Frozen fast. 5 minutes rapid freezing, greatly reducing time to market, no need to store a large number of products. Completely solve the problem of overproduction, expired, deterioration and other issues.

4. Dry material consumption is small: the general freeze-drying loss rate of 3 to 6%, while the liquid nitrogen quick-frozen can be reduced to 0.25 to 0.5%.

5. Easy to operate, can be unattended operation, easier access to the existing production line.

6. Space is very small, saving space in the factory, no noise.

7. Equipment and power costs low, one-time investment in equipment, low operating costs, easy to achieve mechanization and automated assembly line, improve productivity.

8. Low maintenance costs.

9. Less power consumption. The device is to rely on liquid nitrogen phase change refrigeration and internal energy to achieve the purpose of quick-frozen preservation, unlike ordinary refrigeration systems that need to consume a lot of frozen energy to drive refrigeration mechanical refrigeration, so from the cooling principle, it is Does not require direct consumption of electricity.

10. Equipment structure is simple, safe and reliable. Analysis shows that the moving parts of the whole device only the movement of the conveyor belt and a simple axial fan, unlike ordinary refrigeration system as complex, mechanical moving parts and more, thus reducing the possibility of failure, and the system working pressure is low, No high voltage equipment

11. Hygienic cleaning. Reduce cleaning time. The refrigerated cabinet is made of assembled heat insulation plate, and the inner and outer shields are made of stainless steel. It is easy to dismantle and easy to clean. It is also equipped with stainless steel structure for direct contact with poultry.

12. No pollution, green environmental protection. Because this freezing process does not need the CFC refrigerant in the ordinary refrigeration system, it has no destructive effect on the atmospheric ozone layer. In the current international limit and the prohibition of the use of CFC, this characteristic of CFC refrigerant is not particularly outstanding. And the development of the device, with a positive role in promoting, is to vigorously develop the trend.

13. Shelf-life longer, is the traditional quick-frozen shelf-life of 1 to 3 times.


Q: What is the Working theory?

A: Liquid nitrogen is sprayed directly onto small food items such as soft fruit and shrimps. Due to the liquids' extremely low temperatures(-196 degree), freezing is almost instant. The nitrogen gas is removed by fans.

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