CAS 12042-21-4 Reliable Factory CAS Metal Materials Ga2O3 Powder Price Gallium Oxide Powder

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CAS 12042-21-4 Reliable Factory CAS Metal Materials Ga2O3 Powder Price Gallium Oxide Powder Powder



20-1Product NameGallium Oxide Powder
Gallium Oxide Powder CAS NO.12042-21-4
Gallium Oxide Powder molecular weight138.2
Gallium Oxide Powder density3.864 g/cm3
Gallium Oxide Powder melting point2403℃
Gallium Oxide Powder apperancewhite powder
Gallium Oxide Powder particle size -100mesh, -80mesh or customized
Gallium Oxide Powder applicationssemiconductor materials for the electronics industry



                                                         Certificate of Gallium Oxide Powder (%)


Company Information


     Luoyang Advanced Material Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise focusing on research and development of Gallium Oxide Powder. We produce our products and cooperate closely and steadily with well-known research institutions, universities, national laboratories and innovative corporate giants in nanomaterials research and development. We are committed to provide the highest quality products with the most reasonable price for our customers who are doing nanotech research and have formed a complete cycle of researching, manufacturing, marketing and after-sale servicing. Our products have been sold to many countries around the world. 

     Luoyang Advanced Material Co.,Ltd is the producer and supplier of nanoparticles, Lutetium oxide, Gallium Oxide Powder, 3D printing Powders, and graphene in small quantity for research and in bulk order for industry groups. Our expertise in the properties, applications and various manufacturing processes of advanced and engineered materials allows us to meet the needs of our customers.


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 We have different packages and shipping methods depends on the quantity of Gallium Oxide Powder.


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 There are many payment methods for Gallium Oxide Powder. T/T(USD), Western union, Paypal, Credit card, Alipay or Alibaba trade insurance all is workable. You can choose the one which is convenient for you. 

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