Water Quality Online Ammonia Nitrogen Sensor RS485 Modbus output

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Product Overview


Chemins Ammonia Nitrogen Monitoring Meter NHN-206A

Product Overviews

NHN-206A integrated online ammonia nitrogen sensor is fabricated using a PVC membrane-based ammonium ion selective electrode for testing ammonium ion content in water with temperature compensation to ensure fast, simple, accurate and economical testing. The technical parameters, maintenance and communication protocols of the ammonia nitrogen sensor are described in detail in this user manual.

• Signal output: RS-485 bus, Modbus/RTU protocol, convenient to connect to PLC, DCS, industrial control computer, general controller, paperless recording instrument or touch screen and other third-party equipment.

• The patented ammonium ion probe, the internal reference solution oozes extremely slowly from the microporous salt bridge at a pressure of at least 100 KPa (1 Bar). Such a reference system is very stable and has a longer electrode life than conventional industrial electrodes.

• Easy to install: 3/4 NPT thread (pipe thread) for easy submersible installation or installation in pipes and tanks.

• IP68 protection level.






Measuring range





±10% or ±1mg/L

Working temperature


Working pressure


Medium PH range

4~10 pH

Temperature compensation

Temperature compensation (Pt1000)

Power supply

12~24VDC ±10%

Signal output

RS-485 bus, Modbus/RTU protocol

Wetted material



3/4NPT thread, immersion installation

Cable length

5 meters, other lengths can be customized


Two-point calibration

Power consumption


Protection grade





Note:The sensor should not be installed upside down or horizontally when installed, at least at an angle of 15 degrees or more.

  • Electrical connection

Red line—power cable(12~24VDC)
Black line—Ground wire(GND)
Blue line—485A
White line—485B
Bare wire— shield
After wiring is completed, it should be carefully checked to avoid damage to the sensor caused by incorrect wiring.
Cable specification:Considering that the cable is immersed in water (including sea water) for a long time or exposed to the air, the cable has a certain degree of corrosion resistance. The outer diameter of the cable is Φ6 mm and all interfaces are waterproof.

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