Safe Healthy and Nutritious milk mushroom magic mushrooms dried for sale magic mushrooms

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Product Overview


Product Description

Safe Healthy and Nutritious milk mushroom magic mushrooms dried for sale magic mushrooms

Rich of glucan, it helps with hypolipidemic and anti-tumor

Product details

Product NameBrown Shimeji Mushrooms Bunashimeji
Study NameHypsizygus Marmoreus
Nutritious DegreeHigh
Specification6kgs per carton 150g/125g per bag
Mushroom TypeEdible Fugus
Commen Cooking WaySoup, fried, salad, etc.
FlavourCrispy, smooth, sweet, fresh and delicious
Storage0-8 ℃
Medicinal Functionanti-tumor, anti-radiation, anti-inflammatory, antioxidation, anti-con
ApplicationRestaurant , Supermarket, vegetable shop
Product Keywords milk mushroom,magic mushrooms dried for sale

Medical Function

White Shimeji is a healthy edible mushroom product. It is the Queen in edible fungi and is popular in overseas market. White Shimeji contains Lysine and leucine, which can effectively complement the proline and sulfur-containing amigo acids in egg milk products and meat. In this way, people can achieve balanced nutrition and absorb better.White Shimeji also contains β-1,3-D glucan. in publication the relationship between bioactivity and structure of glucan, proved that β-1,3-D glucan has anti-tumor activity, anti-radiation effect, and anti-inflammatory effect.

Rich for β-1,3, β-1,6 glucan, it helps with hypolipidemic and anti-tumor

Company Information
milk mushroom


Chengdu Finc Bio+Tech Co., Ltd. was established as the subsidiary company of Shanghai Finc Biotechnology Co., Ltd. To meet the increasing demands for Finc Mushrooms, Finc Group has established four industrial production bases in  Shanghai, Qingdao, Qinhuangdao, Chengdu. Through 18 years’ production experience and development, Finc nowadays has become the biggest rare edible fungi grower in the world.  In China, Finc is the first Cultivator for Brown Shimeji and White Shimeji. The company is very strict with the mushrooms taste and safety. It takes 180 days to make one box of qualified Finc mushrooms. Selected Provenance with Finc Patent, Safe and natural medium raw material, ten completely automatic production processes, ensures the safety and high efficiency of mushroom production. Finc Mushrooms all pass 209 terms of inspection to ensure no pesticide residue , and obtain the No Pesticide Residue Green Food Certification, 57 Validated Authorized Patents, 27 Validated Authorized Invention Patents, 13 Patents for Effective Authorized Invention of New Edible Fungi Strains, 8 Patents for Cultivation Methods of Edible Fungi, 1 Patents for Edible Fungus Production Technology Invention. Besides satisfying the currant market demand, Finc keeps innovation and development,  proud to introduce its cultivated mushrooms to the whole world, where we believe the mushroom's importance in dietary habits will continue to grow. Meanwhile, Finc would like to become a more responsible social member both in economic development and environmental protection.

Finc Highlights

1.Pioneer and Leader in Rare Mushroom Industry:

The First Chinese Cultivator for White Shimeji and Brown Shimeji (hypsizygus marmoreus)

The Biggest Rare Mushroom Grower in China

Four General Production Bases in China: Shanghai, Qingdao, Qinhuangdao, Chengdu

2.Strict Production Standards to insure excellent quality:

36 strict production procedures;

180 days to simulate the natural growth of the ecological environment;

209 terms of inspection to insure no pesticide residue ;

low temperature storage and transportation;

Chinese excellent mushrooms eaten by consumers from 57 countries;

3. Strong Research Ability

Now totally 229 patents achieved

57 Validated Authorized patents

27 Validated Authorized Invention patents

13 Patents for Effective Authorized Invention of New Edible Fungi Strains

18 Patents for the Invention of Edible Production Equipment Tools

8 Patents for Cultivation methods of Edible Fungi

1 Patents for Edible Fungus Production Technology Invention

milk mushroom

milk mushroom

milk mushroommilk mushroommilk mushroom

Packaging & Shipping


plastic bag + color carton

Plastic box+color carton


1-15 days after confirming order details ,delivery date should be decided according to
production season and order quantity.

milk mushroom


1.Are you trading company or manufacturer ?

Chengdu Finc Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer based in Chengdu China with our own workshop and office. Our brand Finc and Freshmore is famous in overseas market

2.  How do you ship the mushrooms?

We can ship it through railway(Chengdu port), or by sea. Railway is mostly recommended. The mushroom would be loaded into the air conditioned container. 

3. Where do u ship the mushrooms ?

Our company belongs to Finc Group, which has four sub-companies in Chengdu, Shanghai, Qingdao, Qinhuangdao. We can ship the mushroom from the nearest production base to the loading port.

4. What's the minium order that I can place?

The Minimum order should fill 20GP container, since the smallest air-conditioned container is 20GP. If customer order products from other near supplier, we can together load them into the 20GP container.

5. Can you ship the samples before I order ?

Yes, we can send some samples to customer through DHL or FedEx 

6. When can you ship the mushrooms ?

Our Mushrooms are all year round supplied. We can deliver the mushroom anytime

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