Stainless Steel Industrial Liquid Agitator Mixer Electric Mixer

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Stainless steel industrial liquid agitator mixer electric mixer


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                         PERFORMANCE PARAMETER


     We have a variety of liquid mixers, some of the parameters can be customized. If you need to choose the type or are interested in this product, please send us an inquiry, there will be professional technicians to provide services for you.



  a) Mixing ability:100-5000L,motor power100~2200W.
  b) Working condition: barometric pressure,70℃.
  c) Structural material:carbon steel,SS304,SS316L,lined with epoxy resin,spray PTFE.
  d) Selection function:special motor,lined with epoxy resin,spray PTFE, paddle vane.
  e) Working restriction:Do not start up during the emptying process and shear sensitive material.




                                PRODUCT PERFORMANCE


     1.Normal motor with frequency converter is usually the highest 130 rpm.The combination of frequency conversion motor and frequency converter can speed up 0-130 rpm.



       2.Gear reducer is fixed speed, if need speed regulation plus frequency conversion motor and frequency converter.



      3.Manual speed regulation ,It doesnt need the frequency converter . there are generally two kinds of rotational speeds, 40-200 and 200-1000 rotational speeds.     




  Main accessories




         2.Mixing shaft The material of mixing shaft can be carbon steel,stainless steel and plastic-lined.                         













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