2V 6V 12V Lead Acid Battery Tester Intelligent Battery Activator from China Manufacturer

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Product Overview


2V 6V 12V lead acid battery tester intelligent battery activator from China Manufacturer

Product Description

 I . General description                                               


HZHH-300 intelligent active instrument is a professional product for backward battery. It is holding 3separated mode such as releasing electricity, charging, and active mode. According to different battery situation we can test the power value of backward battery, we can charge it under low continuous current, or set some circulations for minimum battery to charge and discharge. Then the battery will be activated and increase battery power volume. This instrument will be supplied with software for uploading data to PC do further analyzer.   


II Main Function


Single battery active:

When the battery is being charged or offline we can active it. Before active we need to set circulations times and single active period to protect voltage parameter. The instrument will achieve active automatically and display battery voltage, charge/discharge current, charge/discharge volume, time, etc. If battery achieves the set result it can stop active circulation itself or by manual


Single battery discharge:

The active instrument will discharge single battery under continuous current. Set discharge current, time, volume, ending voltage, etc. The instrument will begin discharge automatically and display discharge current, volume, voltage, time, etc. If battery achieves set aim it can stop discharge itself or by manual

Single battery charge:

When the battery is being charged or offline it can charge the battery automatically. Set power, time, ending voltage, etc. the instrument will begin charge automatically and display power, volume, voltage, time, etc. When battery achieves set aim it can stop discharge itself or by manual


III Main features:   

Large data storage: Big volume can store 10 different data of active, 10 different data of discharge, 10 different data of charge. Users can check, delete and download data

Including both RS232 communication port and USB port. The data can be transferred to PC. The database can keep and analyze historical data in long time. U disc can transfer data flexibly

During test if instrument is any problem it will stop test at once to protect battery

Instrument control unit and power unit are designed as one unit. Monitor unit adopted A/D, D/A to make measure and control more exact and fast



Single voltage


Single battery voltage




Single voltage resolution ratio


 Voltage test precision


 Charge/Discharge current




Current control precision


Current test precision


 Battery volume range




 Working voltage

AC 220±15%

Communication way

RS232 & USB

 Cooling way

 Forced air cooling

Working condition

Tem:0~40    Humidity:20%~80%RH

Maintain condition

-20~70  Store it with package


 7 coloured LED display

Overall Dim.




Carry way


This software designed in ENGLISH completely. It can make voltage/current curve automatically as well we the inspection report (Including Excel and Word format):

Company Information

Heibei Huanhai Import & Export Trading Co.,Ltd is a powerful company in electric area. We have a strong team including top sales, skilled engineers and we have our own manufacture with high quality.

What's more, our customers come from different countries like America, England, Bulgaria, Brazil, Chile, Malysia, Vietnam , Nicaragua,Thailand and so on.

Our main products are capacitors,insulation resistance tester,DC high voltage generator,testing transformer,insulating oil tester, like transformer oil dielectric tester (BDV tester), transformer loss tester, transformer oil acid tester, flash point tester and so on. The products Huanhai supplied as follows:

Transformer tester, High voltage generator, Relay test kit,Power quality analyzer, insulating oil tester,High voltage tester, Insulation tester, Earth resistance tester and so on.


Our Workshop


Our Services

From the date of purchase within one year instrument,the warranty time is 12 months.This is the piriod of free repair replacement, lifetime supply of maintenance and technical services. If the instrument has been found anomalies or malfunctions please contact us to arrange the most convenient treatment options.

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