Аппарат для электропорации кожи, дермапен для использования в клинике, Электрический дермапен (62320233822)

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Product Overview


What is EPN ?

EPN(Automatic Electroporation Microneedle Derma Pen)
EPN is the new generation of emerging technology with combining automatic needling(Auto MTS) and electroporation to effectively deliver a serum.EPN permits (by Auto MTS and electroporation) to effectively deliver a serum into different tissue depths within face or scalp. By needling on the underlying skin tissue in shorter treatment times, it achieves more effective serum delivery through electrostimulating micro-pores that provides less discomfort to the patient.

Product Details

EPN'S Technology

Technology for Serum Delivery
●Adjustable control of multiple needle penetration depths up to 2.0mm.

●Direct Access to mount and dismount.

●Prevention of during flowing back into the device.

●Pain slight 33G 9Pins Multi-needle.

Automatic Micro Needling
Induces an effective serum delivery stimulating tissue by micro-needling and serum to permeate in the tissue.
Induces a serum with the high molecular weight to permeate into the dermal layer.
Induces skin tissue on scar tissue to regenerate throughout micro-pores.
Microneedle Electroporation
Can be activated by microneedles penetrated into the dermal layer.
Makes micro-pores instanly on dermal fibrolast membranes.
Induces a serum with the high molecular weight to permeate into the fibroblasts.

 Disposable sterilized needles
-Adjustable control of multiple needle penetration depths,up to 2.0mm.

-Direct access to mount and dismount
-Separately packaging.

-Restriction of the flowing backward of serum into device.

EPN's Advantage

1) Hair regeneration
2) Improving Surface scar & Deep scar
3) Skin brightening
4) Skin firming
5) Pore contraction
6) Improving wrinkle

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