20watt High power GSM 2G 3G 4G Mobile Network Signal Booster Cell Phone Signal Repeater Signal Amplifier

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20watt High power  GSM 2G 3G 4G Mobile Network Signal Booster Cell Phone Signal Repeater Signal Amplifier


WT-HGW03(20watt)   900/2100MHz



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Enhanced voice and data reception is what an outdoor cellular repeater solution will do.

People who are located in rural communities and RV parks or on remote construction sites, golf courses, ranches and oil rigs are affected by poor cellular reception due to shadow areas created by hills, mountains, tall trees, or the sheer distance from the nearest cell tower. We has extensive experience in engineering and deploying these types of systems in a cost effective way.

We would like to customize for you depends on the size of the area you need to cover and the services you want to support.


high gain 900MHz + 2100MHz mobile signal booster specification

Frequency RangeUplink 890-915MHz 1920-1990MHz 
Downlink 935-960MHz 2110-2180MHz 
Maxinum Gain Uplink 85±3dB
Downlink 90±3dB
Maxinum Output PowerUplink 40dBm±3dBm  
Downlink 43dBm±3dBm
Coverage Area30000m2 theoretically
Size Of Package60*50*30cm
Ambient Temperature-10℃~60℃
Power SupplyAC 200V-240V
Automatic Level Control(ALC)Available
In-band  Fluctuation≤5dB
Frequency Error≤±0.05ppm
Transmission Delay ≤1.5μs 
Input/Output voltage standing wave ratio≤1.8
Noise Figure≤5.0dB(Max)
Spurious Radiation9kHz-150kHz:-36dBm/1kHz
Waveform Quality Factorρ>0.960
Adjacent channel power ratio750kHz≤-45dBc/30kHz
Output Intermodulation≤-36dBc/30kHz


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1.Downlink indicator light off:  means the donor antenna receives very weak signal. Please adjust the direction of the donor antenna until it points to the BTS; Otherwise, please change the location of the donor antenna to make sure it receives strong and steady signal.

2.Alarm on: means server antenna(s) too close from the donor antenna. The server antenna(s) should be well isolated from the donor antenna. They should not be on the same horizontal line. Please install the Donor antenna higher and further from the server antenna(s), and with obstacles in between.

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1. Splitters and/or couplers are needed if more than one server antennas are needed.

2. Coaxial cable 12D-FB(LMR600), 50ohms is the best for loss attenuation. 7D-FB(LMR400) or 5D-FB(LMR300) is also ok. And under the same circumstances, the shorter the total coaxial cable, the less the gain loss.

3. Parabolic antenna or sector antenna is recommend for Donor antenna and server antenna.

4. Do not power on the repeater before the donor antenna and server antennas are properly installed to avoid possible damage of the repeater.

5. Adjust the location and direction of donor antenna until it receives strong and steady signal. Make sure donor antenna and server antenna are well isolated to avoid self-oscillation.

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Please follow the steps below to install the antenna on the pole. Make sure to adjust the inclination angle of the antenna so that it receives best signal from BTS.  And then fasten all the screws to the nuts.

1). First unscrew the nuts, spring washer and flat washer and take off the sawtooth clamps on both ends of the antenna. Put the end of antenna with connector downwards, attach the sawtooth clamps to the pole whose diameter should be Φ35-Φ90mm, place the M10 screws through the sawtooth clamps and then put on the flat washer, spring washer and screw the nuts tightly.

2).  Connect the antenna to the signal booster with cable. Seal the connectors joint well to make it waterproof as wet causes gain loss.

3)  Loosen the bolt that connect the two struts, adjust the inclination angle of the antenna to proper position until it receives the best signal, and then screw all the nuts tightly.



Q: Does this mobile signal booster work with one carrier at a time or does it boost the signal for all carriers at the same time?

A: The signal booster work at the same time with all the carriers who work on the same frequency as the signal booster does. However, in some area, one cell tower may only carry one provider or a certain provider may not be available. If you have the outside antenna pointed at an 'XYZ' cell tower and you have 'ABC' provider, it likely won’t work for your 'ABC' service unless and until you point the outside antenna at a tower that has 'ABC' service.


Q: What does “Db” mean in the signal booster description?

A: Decibel is a unit of measurement showing the strength of the cell signal. One bar or dot on your phone to 5 bars or dots is equivalent to about -80 to -120 DB loss from the original transmission where -80 is good, less loss, and -120 is weak or bad from great loss.


Q: Does your signal booster have quality warranty?

A: Yes, all our signal boosters are with one-year quality warranty. For our wholesalers and agents, we provide longer warranty for free repair.

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