New Arrival GVS K bus Factory Smart Home/Hotel Automation KNX Room Controller 3.0 in KNX/EIB Intelligent Installation Systems

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Product Overview


KNX Room Controller 3.0 in KNX/EIB Intelligent Installation Systems
* DIN-Rail Mount
* 5 folds of dry contact/binary inputs
* 5 channels of LED indications
* 21 folds of switch actuator, * 4*16A, 21*6A
* 2 folds of shutter actuator
* 3 folds of 0-10V outputs
* 2 folds of triac dimmer
* Fan control of 3-level speed
* 2/4-pipe coil control
* PT1000 temp sensor interface
* KNX/IP tunneling/routing function
KNX Room Controller 3.0

The Room Controller Premium is a simple, low-cost solution for the hotel rooms, which can be used to achieve a single room control, such as heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, water/fire alarm, emergency buttons and the blinds etc. But also can be used in apartments, hospitals, office buildings, assisted living facilities etc.
The Room Controller Premium’s compact design covers most requirements of the electrical installation of the residential and building control systems and integrating most inputs and output interfaces for a single room’s automatic control as well as covers all standard functions for a single room control. Besides, it’s also able to connect with external protocols, for example KNXnet/IP protocol. Generally the functions are as follows:

Lighting Control Heating/cooling Control Fan coil Control Blinds or shutter Control Switching of electrical sockets and loads KNXnet/IP Tunnel convert

In addition to these basic functions, further automation functions can be implemented by a combination with various detectors, such as a presence detector, motion detector. The integration into a hotel management system enables the efficient management and provision of rooms, for example, when a guest checks out, the room is automatically set to standby mode. Meanwhile the hotel manager will know the status of the room at any time and the service needs etc.
KNX Smart Home/Hotel Automation System
Detailed Images
Dimension Diagram KNX Room Controller 3.0 in KNX Smart Home/Hotel Automation System
KNX Room Controller 3.0 Connection diagram
RCU: Room Controller Premium Unit (AMRS-41/05.3)
KNX Solution
KNX Smart Home/Villa Solution
KNX Smart Office Solution
KNX Smart Hotel Solution
KNX/EIB K-bus Smart Home/Building Automation Control System

GVS K-bus KNX/EIB is an intelligent system that creates greater convenience, security and value through automation and remote control. Central device control operations, light scenes, occupancy simulation and time-controlled room heating, for instance, can be implemented using the GVS KNX/EIB system. Recurring processes – such as blind control or watering of the garden – can be automatically controlled at the desired times or depending on the weather conditions.


The prerequisite for this is that the user must have already opted for a KNX/EIB installation during the planning phase. KNX/EIB is initially just a green cable that is laid flush-mounted together with the power supply. The intelligence is added later. It is hidden in the touch sensors. These devices replace the conventional switches and send control commands via the bus lines – to lights, blinds, the music system and other KNX/EIB-capable devices.


Even complex solutions can be realised. However, it is then advisable to use GVS KNX/EIB Automation System. This is great smart home/building system which is the ONLY one OPEN protocol system, intergrated with other systems also. Door intercoms, cameras and audio systems can also be integrated into the home control. All the functions can be easily operated using a central control unit such as PC or an iPhone or iPad.


Trained electricians can implement almost any desired function. One major advantage of the KNX/EIB installation is that the system can be modified and expanded at any time. If new or other functions are desired, they can simply be programmed.

Why Choose Us

GVS, Professional manufacturer since 1999, specilizing in KNX/EIB Smart Home/Office/Hotel/Building Solution and KNX Products.


As for KNX system, it is international smart home system, originated in Europe since 1999, it is the only Open protocol for home and building intelligent system. It is green and enviremental friendly and safe (low volatage).


It can control lights, dimming light, RGB light, curtains, AC, TV, and it can intergrate other system, such as video intercom system, background music, intelligent door lock, projector and so on. And it can control via mobile phone/tablet.


Application: Smart home, Villa, office, hotel, Airport, Museum, Metro, shopping mall and so on.

Is it easy to learn?

Yes, however firstly you need have a basic course of it for 5 days to learn the basic knowledge of it and how to programme it on ETS software (the common software for KNX system) on PC.


  • China's first company to introduce KNX standards
  • KNX international manufacturers Member
  • KNX Member
  • The first training centres in China authorized by KNX Association
  • Focus on R&D and manufacturing of KNX Products 
  • KNX manufacturing enterprises with strongest comprehensive strength in China
Company Profile
GVS Group Since 1999
GVS KNX Manufacturer Since 2008
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New Arrival GVS K-bus Factory Smart Home/Hotel Automation KNX Room Controller 3.0 in KNX/EIB Intelligent Installation Systems

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