Continous Metal Coating Machinery / Coating Machine /Color Coating Line for Steel and Aluminum

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Product Overview


Product Description

Continous Metal Coating Machinery / Coating Machine /Color Coating Line for Steel and Aluminum
This production line is used to produce color coating coil, which is mainly based on cold rolled plate, galvanized steel plate and aluminum alloy plate.

This kind of plate has advantages of corrosion resistance and decoration, as well as directly providing raw material for
construction industry, automobile manufacturing, electric and others.

It is practical, reliable and mature, client can produce stably and run in the long term, production capacity from 50000 to 200000
tons per year.


Raw Material
Electro-galvanized plate, hot-dip galvanized plate, hot dip AL-ZN plate, cold-rolled steel plate, Aluminum Coils etc.
Process Speed
Production Capacity
Coating Thickness
5-25μm for the single-layer dry film on the front face (regulated as required) 5-15μm for the single-layer dry film on the back
face (regulated as required)
Energy Type
Natural Gas, LPG, Electricity
Product Grade
Construction plate, decoration plate and household appliance plate

Processing Procedure

Decoiler------Gripper------Clipper------Sewing Machine------Burr Masher------Tension Machine------Entry Looped------Tension Machine------Soak Degreasing------Drying Machine------Defatted Liquid Spray------Brush Machine------Drying Machine------Drying Machine------Water Cleaning------Brush Machine------Drying Machine------Soak water------Steam dry oven------Passivating machine------Passivating dry oven------Rectify deviation machine------Tension Machine------Bottom coating machine------Primary coating dry oven------Recetify deviation machine------Tension machine------Printing machine------Finishing machine------finishing coating dry oven------cooling system------rectify deviation machine------water cooling------drying machine------Tension machine------Exits looped------Tension machine------Film covering machine------Clipper------Recoiler

Detail Image

Coating Machine
To guarantee precise coating, the coating machine can coat the steel plate by means of direct coating, reverse coating or whole reverse coating. The front face and the back face of the steel plate can be coated simultaneously, and the heads of the two coating machines for the front face and back face all have drive equipment.

Plate Shear
The plate shear is used on the uncoiling and leveling line of plates and it is a high-speed plate shear designed to match the fast speed and shearing requirements of the production line. The thick plate lines most have hydraulic high-speed shears and the thin plate line most have electric and pneumatic plate shears.

Sewing Machine
The machine is dedicated equipment applicable to the head-tail connection of plates and strips in the production line of coating and galvanizing of steel plate, copper plate, aluminum plate, galvanized plate and various plate strips, and is composed of steel-structure body, mold, synchronization system.

The tension roller device is a kind of equipment used to implement tension regulation on the continuous production line of strips. The principle is as follows: the strip steel is winded on the tension roller and generates friction on the winding contact, making the outlet tension and inlet tension change according to some rules for this reason, and the tension value is thus changed to implement tension control of the unit.

Packing & Delivery

PE Film Wooden Box or as Clients Requirements.

Company Profile

Our company covers over 36,000 square meters, has more than 150 designers, manufacturing and installation personnels and owns all kinds of clipping, cutting, grinding, and drilling machines. More than 15 production lines can be designed, manufactured and installed every year by us, which output value can be reach to 150 million yuan.

Why Choose Us

√We are the leading manufacture of metal coating machines in China, and we can give you the best price. We warmly welcome you to visit our factory at any time.
√We have a professional foreign trade team and a professional small language salesman, such as Japanese, Korean and Spanish.
√We have professional design engineers who can design and customize production lines according to your requirments.
√Professional installation, good after-sales service and rich installation experience.

Pre Sales Service
1) The Machine Layout will be designed according to your factory conditions.
2) Providing a Sample Project for customer to visit.
3) Machine Manufacturing progress (with some photos).
After Sales Service
1) Tracking the running condition of machine.
2) Provide 12 months guarantee as well as full spare parts for free.
3) Life long technical support.
4) Installation and training service (Optional).


1. Do you offer custom service?
● Of course, most of our machines are built according to customers specifications, using top brand name components.

2. How to ensure the quality?
● In order to ensure the accuracy of each part, we are equipped with a variety of professional processing equipment and we have accumulated professional processing methods over the past years.
● Each component before assembly needs strictly control by inspecting personnel.
● Each assembly is in charged by a master who has working experience for more than 5 years.
● After all the equipment are completed, we will assembling all the machines and run parts testing for at least 12 hours to ensure the stable running in customers' factory.

3.Do you provide after-sales service?
● After finish the production, we will debug the production line, take photos, videos and send them to customers via mail or instant tools.
● After the commissioning, we will package the equipment by standard export package for shipment.
● We will arrange our engineers to customers' factory to do the installation and training.
● Engineers, sales managers and after-sales service manager will form a after-sales team, online and off line, to follow the customers' project.

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