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Trailer Type Road Concrete Asphalt Crack Sealing Machine For Sale  FGF-200

FGF-200 trailer type road concrete asphalt crack sealing machine adopt riello burner is deal for repairing in roads, pavements, driveways, concrete foundations, parking lots and other asphalt or concrete surfaces. It’s also suitable of sealing joints of concrete plates and sealing after road excavation works.

Specification of FGF-200 Crack Sealing Machine
Generator Model
Honda GX270H1
Walking Mode
Trailer Type
Heating Medium
Conduction Oil
Material Tank Volume
Fuel Type
Diesel Burner
Fuel Tank 
Burner Power
Heating Temperature
Asphalt Pump Flow
0-32L/h Adjustable 
Hydraulic Oil Tank

Main Features

1)Small size trailer type road crack sealing machine, easy to transport;

2) Can choose trailer or without trailer;

3) Heat conduction oil indirectly heated material circulation heat preservation, import diesel burner as the heat source, the material is heated evenly, intelligent temperature sensor automatic detection, make the material not carbide, invariance, melting time short, economy, safety and environmental protection.

4) Electric heating throughout the discharge hose, no need to clean.

5) Electronic control heating temperature, discharging hose heating, burner working, asphalt pump working and fuel status. Alarm lamp are displayed timely, realizing the integration of electronic automatic control.

6) Handle is equipped with electric control switch, which can control the asphalt pump remotely, avoiding waste, sanitation and cleaning.

7) The gun head has manual switch design, which can close the gun head immediately after completion of the grouting. In addition, the tip of the gun is electrically heated to effectively avoid plugging.

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