Calcined Petroleum Coke

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Huludao Hongyuan Carbon Co., Ltd. is located in Huludao City, Liaoning Province. It is the largest manufacturer of delayed petroleum coke, calcined petroleum coke and graphitized petroleum coke in the northern region. The company has 6 calciners and produces 2,500 tons of calcined petroleum coke per month. , the production of various specifications of carbonizing agent 2000 tons.


The company adopts a nine-layer fireway reverse combustion mode. The characteristics of this process are stable, effectively reducing the volatile content of the product and increasing the true density of the product. It is an advanced furnace type at home and abroad. Calcined petroleum coke is an essential material for making graphite electrodes, prebaked anodes, high-purity carbon blocks, electrode pastes, anode pastes, and the like.


Petroleum coke is a black or dark gray hard solid petroleum product with metallic luster and porosity. It is a carbonaceous material composed of tiny graphite crystals in the form of particles, columns or needles. The petroleum coke component is a hydrocarbon containing 90-97% carbon, 1.5-8% hydrogen, and nitrogen, chlorine, sulfur and heavy metal compounds.


Calcined petroleum coke, in the case of graphite electrodes for steel making or anode pastes (melting electrodes) for aluminum and magnesium, in order to meet the requirements of petroleum coke (green coke), the green coke must be calcined. The calcination temperature is generally around 1300 ° C, in order to remove the petroleum coke volatiles as much as possible. This can reduce the hydrogen content of the petroleum coke rework, increase the degree of graphitization of the petroleum coke, thereby improving the high temperature strength and heat resistance of the graphite electrode, and improving the electrical conductivity of the graphite electrode. Calcined coke is mainly used in the production of graphite electrodes, carbon paste products, diamond sand, food grade phosphorus industry, metallurgical industry and calcium carbide. The most widely used graphite electrode. The raw coke can be directly used for calcium carbide as the main material of calcium carbide without calcination, and silicon carbide and boron carbide are produced as abrasive materials. It can also be used directly as coke or blast furnace wall lining carbon brick for metallurgical industry blast furnace, or as compact coke for casting process.







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