Tungsten Carbide tip vertical cutting blades all kinds with tungsten carbide non - standard blades

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Hard Alloy has superior performance, so it is widely used in industry. Good wear resistance and high hardness make it suitable for manufacturing wear-resistant parts and mechanical parts with high temperature resistance, friction and corrosion. In recent years, among various industrial applications, hard alloy has become the best choice to replace steel.

Direction for use
Hardness is the basic characteristic of tooth blade material.Toothed blade to cut chips from the workpiece, the hardness needs to
be greater than the workpiece material hardness.The chip blade hardness of the toothed blade used in chip metal is generally above
60hrc. The abrasion resistance is the ability of the material to resist wear.Generally speaking, the higher the hardness of the
tooth blade material, the better its wear resistance.The hardness of the hard point in the tissue is higher, the more the number,
the smaller the particles, the more uniform the distribution, the better the wear resistance.Wear resistance is also related to
the chemical composition, strength, microstructure and temperature of the friction zone

  • Description of application effect

  • 使用效果描述

Enough strength and toughness
To make the tooth blade under greater pressure, as well as in the cutting process often appear under the impact and vibration
conditions, and does not produce a broken edge and broken, mechanical blade materials need to have enough strength and toughness.
High heat resistance
Heat resistance is the main index to measure the cutting performance of tooth blade.It refers to the performance of the toothed
blade material to maintain the agreed hardness, abrasion resistance, strength and toughness at high temperature.Toothed blade
material should also have the ability of not easy oxidation at high temperature and good anti-adhesion and anti-diffusion ability,
that is, the material should have a good chemical stability.

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Good thermophysical properties and shock resistance
The better the thermal conductivity of the serrated blade material, the easier the cutting heat will be dispersed from the cutting
area, which is beneficial to reduce the cutting temperature.

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The goods you ordered are non-standard customized goods. Once our materials are cut, they will affect the secondary sales. It is not a quality problem and there is no reason to return them. If the size does not match the order, it can be renewed free of charge.

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Hongsheng Alloy Mould Co., Ltd. independently develops, produces, sells, and provides one-stop service. There is no middleman to make a difference! With more than 3,800 square meters of factory area, it has oversized stocks, and is equipped with advanced production equipment and testing equipment. The market share of products, process technology level, quality status and other indicators have reached the industry leading level. And a professional technical team to provide you with a complete technical solution to solve the various problems encountered, to save customer time with fast work efficiency, to meet customer needs with professional services.


  1. 1、Are you a factory or a trader?

 We are a factory with 26 years of production experience.

  1. 2、Where is your factory?

 We are located in Cangzhou city, Hebei province, a 3-hour drive from Beijing.

  1. 3、Is the price competitive?

We are factory direct selling, no middlemen make the difference, we promise to provide customers with the most powerful products and high-quality products.

  1. 4、Is the product of good quality?

 Yes. All products are strictly inspected before mass production, and the chemical properties, shapes and tolerances of the products are tested before they leave the factory to ensure the quality of the products.

  1. 5、Do you provide samples? Free or extra?

 Yes, we can provide the small sample for free, but you need to pay the freight.

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If the goods are in stock, we will ship them within 2-8 days. For example, special customized products will be delivered in 15-30 days according to quantity and processing process.

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 Please provide us details and you can also contact our sales staff directly via email, E-mal/Skype/what Aop, we will give back your information within 24 hours of receiving the order.

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 We support 100% product quality assurance of Alibaba trade insurance, 100% on-time delivery guarantee, and 100% payment fund guarantee.

9、What is your payment method?

Alibaba paid 100% yuan, paid 70% yuan for public payment, and paid 30% yuan for the final payment before shipment.

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