6Kw Spa Sauna Heater / Sauna Stove for Traditional Sauna with CE certification

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6KW Spa Sauna Heater / Sauna Stove for Traditional Sauna With CE Certification

electric sauna machine

Power: 6KW
Voltage: 220-240V/380-415V 
Frequency: 50 hz-60hz 
Capacity: 8-15CBM
Usage: sauna center/beauty salon 
Warranty: 3 years 
Product dimension: Φ350×760MM
package size: 400*400*850MM
weight: 14KG
Business mode: Factory directly 
Features    Auto power off Power off automatically
Time setting 30min-12Hour
Temperature setting 50~110℃
Touch screen control panel The controller is installed outside the sauna room
Optional controller DO-AT86 touch screen controller 30m-12H/50~110℃
DO-135M touch screen controller 1-12H/50℃~110℃
DO-135T1 touch screen controller 1-12H/50℃~110℃
DO-135T2 touch screen controller 1-12H/50℃~110℃
DO-135T3 touch screen controller 1-12H/50℃~110℃

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FAQ(dry sauna)

1.How long does the sauna heater up to sauna temperature?
         If heat  insulation of sauna room wall and ceiling effect do well, it only takes less than 1 hour will up to sauna temperature . We suggest to close the vent and the door during heating.

2.Does the sauna heater lead to get an electric shock?
        Sauna heater have to add an electric leakage protection switch before inputting electricity power. Morever people should check the voltage of switch and socket to confirm whether electricity can afford the sauna heater. (remarks: sauna heater and socket should have a good grounding).

3.How often we should enjoy sauna?
         It is depend on you, mostly three times one week, usually, you can have a relax after a whole day hard working.


4.How long should stay at sauna room?
        As long as you feel good, but should stop before feel bad and lower temperature.

5.What factors should be taken into consideration when choosing the power of a heater for a sauna room?
       The walls and ceiling of the sauna room should have good heat insulation, especially if the room is to be heated by means of an electric heater. The wall materials of the sauna, such as concrete, logs, glass, tiles, brick, glass bricks, etc., require a relatively powerful heater and quite a long time to heat up. The larger the sauna is in terms of capacity, the greater the heater power should be to heat up the room sufficiently well to take a sauna bath. When approaching a heater dealer you should know beforehand what the wall materials are in your sauna and the capacity/inside area of the sauna. Air-conditioning in the sauna room must be arranged in such a way that it does not cause the heat produced by the heater to be wasted. Much research has been done on the proper air-conditioning system for saunas, and for many years this has been applied at the planning and implementation stages of sauna ventilation in any new construction. The manufacturers product brochure, available from the heater dealer, gives further detailed instructions relating to choice of heater power.


6 Where can I find out about the safety distances that apply for my sauna heater?

       Details of safe distances from side walls, heater guards, etc. are given in the current installation and operating instructions for each product.

7 What kind of water can be poured into the sauna stones?
      Only home use of water, can not use the swimming pool or SPA water which has cylinder containing chlorine in it, because it will corrode your stove.


8 What is your payment terms?
Paypal/West union/TT, 30% as deposit, the rest balance before shipping. 100% in advance for sample order.

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