Good Price of Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin and Hardener 15 kgs Kit (62337557291)

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Product Overview


Product Description
Good Price of Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin and Hardener 15 kgs Kit

Shenzhen Meitaibang Chemical is a professional glue and adhesive manufacturer in China since 1998. The main product is clear epoxy casting resin, epoxy art resin, doming resin, epoxy paving resin and clear epoxy coating.

MTB-2103 Epoxy Casting Resin is innovative coatings,castings and moulding products.

THICK POURING is the biggest Feature for this model.Designed to large batch casting and see through objects (up to 2" -4"thick for 1 pour),such as tables,furniture,and so on.

SHENZHEN MEITAIBANG CHEMICAL have been in the Epoxy Resin and Hardener Industry since 1998,who have the most professional Engineering team with R&D Capability. And MTB-2103 is the new improved type Casting Resin after we got lots of feedback and requirements from our Customers.

Furniture Manufacture

It has superior working time, good cures times, easy to mix by volume and can be even be applied over most other brands of cured epoxies. When modified with fillers, tints and pigments, outstanding effects can result. 

Coffee Table

Deep Cast Clear Epoxy Resin is ideal for cast coffee table applications as it is Ultra Clear and high gloss. 


Original product Feature

--Two components of epoxy resin and Hardener with Mix ratio of 2:1
--Thin liquid easy to handle,automaticlly Self-leveling & Anti-foaming
--Non toxic, 100% solids, low VOC, low odor
--Crystal clear,high see through, yellow resistance
--Excellent color stability with pigments
***Thick Pour,One-time pouring,up to 2"-4"thick each pour

Curing Effects

--Slow curing, low heat and temperature, up to 2"-4"thick each pour
--Cured without ripples, Wrinkles,no bubbles
--Good transparency and excellent surface gloss like mirror
--Can polish after drying
--After drying,with high hardness as stones

Technical Date

Good Price of Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin and Hardener 15 kgs Kit

Depends on volume required. If using resin as a coating,then coverage depends on temperature (Epoxy resins before mixing act a little like honey - in that in summer, they are very runny while in winter they are very stiff) and so coverage can vary up from 250 grams per square meter per coat. 

Contact supplier for pigments, many kinds of colors for your choices!

0.3 Square Meters
0.15 Square meters
Epoxy Resin(A )
Epoxy Resin(A )
Clear Liquid
Clear Liquid
Mix Ratio(by weight)
Operation time(100g mixed glue ,25℃)
About 2hours
Curing Time(25℃)
10-12hrs; Can polish after 24-48hrs,(Different thickness will affect the curing time)
Curing Time(40℃)
Shelf Life 
1.5gallons kit; 3gallons kit; 15kgs kit
Detailed Images
Good Price of Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin and Hardener 15 kgs Kit

This Thick Pour or Called Deep Casting Clear Epoxy Resin is a 'top of the line' clear great performance epoxy system that can be used in so many casting applications including: - Jewelery, Furniture, Promotional Products, Trophies, Flower display, Artwork, Model Making, Set Designs, 'One Off' niche products etc. A quality multi purpose Thick Pour or we also called Deep Cast Clear Epoxy Resin for all those volume use jobs - AND it contains no solvents whatsoever!

Packing & Delivery

Good Price of Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin and Hardener 15 kgs Kit

For MTB-2103 Thick Pour Clear Epoxy Casting Resin, We have got the package below:

1.5gallons kit; 3gallons kit; 15kgs kit. Accept OEM&ODM

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