Ammonium Alginate

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Ammonium Alginate
Molecular formula: (C6H7O6 NH4)n
Legal code: INS 403 ; EEC No. E403 ; CAS [9005-34-9]; FEMA 2015
Description:Ammonium Alginate is a fibrous or granular powder with a yellowish
white color, almost odorless and tasteless. It dissolves in water to form
a viscous, colloidal solution.It is insoluble in alcohol and in
hydroalcoholic solutions in which the alcohol content is greater than
30% by weight. It is insoluble in chloroform and ether, as well as acids
with pH values lower than 3.
Application:1. In canned foods which contain cream or lipid, such as stringless green
beans and sweet corn.
2. In the manufacturing of the cheese-like food.
3.In flavor-enhanced yogurt which has undergone fermentation and
heating, and products and other cold beverages which adopt such
yogurt as an ingredient.
4.In food packages and other synthetic packaging materials.



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