Wholesale 200 240V steam home appliance cleaner (62343696055)

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Product Overview


Wholesale 200-240V steam home appliance cleaner 

                                                  —— 360 degree cleaning, disinfecting, odor removing helper to you

Steam Cleaner for Home Care.jpg

1. Application:

(1) Home care cleaning, sterilizing, odor removing: Window, carpet, kitchen, refrigerator, air conditioner, chair, sofa, desk, etc.
(2) Hotel room cleaning and disinfection;

(3) Hospital room and equipment cleaning, sterilizing;

(4) Private car cleaning;

(5) Other commercial cleaning.

HF3160V Steam Vacuum Cleaner.jpg

Voltage Rating:  220V-240 V  1ph  Alternating Current
Rated Power:
 5.3kw/h    (Among them, there is 1.3KW for vacuum cleaner)
Steam Pressure:
0.6 MPa  (6bar or 87psi)
Highest Steam Temperature :
Effective Operating Temperature Range:
Steam Saturation Capacity:

Size: 700mm x 400mm x 500mm (L x W x H) + Vacuum (higher part: 400mm)

Weight: 40Kgs
Continuous Work Time:
Non-stop, All day long
Tank Capacity:
6 Liters 

Material: Stainless Steel, Hi-Q sodium silicate for heat preservation & insulating



3. HF3160V Features and Advantages:

(1) Multi-function in cleaning, disinfection, bad smell removing.
(2) Steam and vacuum function all in one: You can use steam or vacuum separately or together at the same time.

(3) High temperature and real best stable steam pressure.

(4) No need of detergent.

(5) Good at removing the stains and oil.

(6) Real dry saturated steam with better cleaning performance.

(7) Mobile and portable.
HF3160V Steam Vacuum Function.jpg

4. HF3160V Vacuum Steam Cleaning Machine Operation(Take private car cleaning for example. But for professional car wash, still suggest the powerful 8bar steam car washer) :
(1) Car exterior cleaning:HF3160V Steam Vacuum Cleaner for Surface Cleaning.jpg

(2) Car interior cleaning, sterilizing, odor removing
HF3160V for Car Roof Cleaning.jpg

HF3160V Steam Vacuum Cleaner for Car Interior Cleaning.jpg

(3) Carmat Steam Cleaning
HF3160V Steam Vacuum All in One.jpg

(4) HF3160V Steam vacuum cleaner's vacuum power(Can suck 550ml bottle water)
HF3160V Steam Vacuum Cleaner-Vacuum Power.jpg



5. Working Theory and Advantages:

Steam cleaning takes the advantage of heat and pressure. The heat can expand and soften the dust and degrade the oil stains. Then the high pressure steam can blow off all these dust and stains, and it will be better with assistance of towel or glove. So steam cleaning can clean up objects gently, with no damage on the surface. The high pressure has another advantage, that is to clean up corners, which traditional water-cleaning cannot compete with. Besides, the low humidity of the steam makes it able to clean electronic components, doing no harm to the circuit inside. Moreover, because of its heat, it has the sterilization effect as well.
Steam Thermal Cleaning




6. Accessories and Spare Parts:
       1. Steam hose 1pc;

       2. Steam gunjet 1pc;

       3. Towel 1 pc;

       4. Brush 1pc;
       5. Vacuum brush, vacuum&water head 1 set;
       6. Steam vacuum head;

       7. Fuse 2pc, etc.





      For professional car wash with higher efficiency requirement on car exterior, interior and engine wash, you are suggested to choose the following solutions:

      (1) For 380V-420V 3ph electricity system, you can get HF1090 2 Guns Steam Car Washer + 30L Vacuum Cleaner:


        Click me for more details on HF1090+Vacuum Solution.


      (1) For 220V-240V 1ph electricity system, you can get HF1060 1 Gun Steam Car Washer + 30L Vacuum Cleaner:


          Click me for more details on HF1060+Vacuum Solution

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