Станки с ЧПУ 24 в пост. Тока (62343823574)

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Product Overview


Cnc machine tools 24v indicator red light warning signal tower lamp

Product Description


NameSIGNAL LIGHTRated Voltage24V DC
Bean Angle360°LED ChipSMD3528
ColorRed/Green/Yellow Lifespan50000H
Environment   temperature-25℃~+55℃Fixed modefixed by screws
HousingNylon66Rotation Angle180°
Driverno-drivelight transmission materialPC
Warranty3 yearsConnectingNPN






















*CE,CCC,ROHS Approval;
*The diameter of the lamp body is 64mm;
*Efficient LED multi signal lamps meets the various needs with competitive price;
*Mixed prism cutting lampshade,eliminate the visual blind spots may exist, greatly improving the visual performance of long distance;
*Using the double mirror structure strong then propagation of LED light, color recognition effect is distinct with a minimum of LED;
*Installation:installed directly or rod installation;
*The LED module with free assembly,even after the installation of change module arrangement or add modules without rewiring;
*The lamp body is made of Nylon66,with good thermal shock resistance;
*The lampshade is made of PC with good heat shock.


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Our Services


Guangzhou Otennlux lighting has a complete product after-sales technical service system with good policy and strong technical support , which can guarantee where the product is and where the service team is.Able to satisfy customers' technical and service requirements with maximum capability.

  1. After the product were sold in 3 years, we offer "three guarantees" , during this period, the faulty product will get repaired, replaced or returned if the problem was casued by manufacturing;

  2. Technicians will provide onsite services for the installation, debugging and on-site technical services of major equipmentm in order to solve the problem;

  3. Build up the quality files of the products, carry out regular quality tracking, find out and solve the problems in time;

  4. We actively cooperate with the users to do well the on-site operation and maintenance management of the products, and we can provide the spare parts and accessories of the company's products at any cost at any time;

  5. Adhere to the principle of quality first, customer first, at any time listen to the call of the user, when on-site service is needed, we guarantee to give a reply within 24 hours after receiving the user notification;

  6. On regular inspection, our company takes the inspection system as one of the regular maintenance work, that is, the organization of the company is inspecting the use of the working light every half year, and constantly improving the quality and service of the product.

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Our equipment is very special. Can you customize the product size according to our requirements?

We can customize the product according to the customer's request.




Can your work lights work in a high temperature environment?

Our working lights can work at -30 C ~100 C.




Does your work light anti oil pollution?

Our work lights are waterproof, oil proof and explosion-proof.




How loud is the buzzer's sound of the signal light?

The sound of the buzzer for the signal light is 95 decibels.




Can your Signal light be used in outdoor?

Our signal light has the characteristics of waterproof and UV protection. IP65, the alarm lamp without buzzer can be used in outdoor.




Compared LED lights and traditional lights, Which one has longer life span?

The LED light's life -span will be longer.




Where should I consult the product price, inventory, delivery time and other information?

Please contact our sales person,local distributor or agent directly.

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