40ft container petrol fuel filling station (62345037604)

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Product Overview


40ft container petrol fuel filling station 


tank gauge container fuel mobile petrol filling station makes use of  technological explosion barrier and will not explosion when meeting fire, static electricity, hitting, lightning, shooting and welding to be one of the storage tank, tanker and  video surveillance.Morever, these features are for this station flow: preventing  fire and explosion , security, sall footprint and easily moved.









P Type; horizontal; double action; reciprocating piston;

Theoretical capacity



Desulfurized natural gas (main composition CH4);

Ambient work temperature


Compression stage

2 stages;

Suction status

5MPa at temperature 0~35°C;

Outlet discharge pressure

25Mpa at temperature ≤45°C or less than ambient temperature 15°C(afer cooling);

Piston reciprocating times

11~13 times/minute;

Main oil pump type and constant power rate

bent axis axial variable pump(L7V117LV2.0RP00)

Constant power output


Constant power input


Oil pumpconstant power minimum adjustable pressure


Hydraulic system maximum work pressure


Oil pump maximum oil supply


Oil pump maximum oil supply


Driving mode

electric motor; direct coupling; by oil pump;

Electric motor model No.

Explosion-proof motor No. YB2-225M-4B35; 37KW; 1480rpm; Diibt4;

Oil lubrication mode

Oil free in cylinder and packing assembly;

Power rate for air cooler

cooling air 1.5KW; cooling hydraulic oil 2.2KW;

Control mode

PLC + Touch Screen+Soft Starter;

Cooling mode

Natural cooling for cylinder; air cooling for gas;

Installation mode

outdoor; skid mounted fixation;

Total weight of skid mounted unit


Overall sizes of skid mounted container (LxWxH)



The standard equipments of the container fuel station flows :

20ft/40ft container;Single wall carbon steel oil storage tank;

Fuel dispenser 50liters/min dispenser(220V/380V) with one(two) nozzle for one(two)kind of oil;

fuel transfer pump, approximately 500Liter/min. Capable unloading and supply.

Fuel filter;Electricity distribution box,explosion proof Lighting,

1 set of  Fire Extinguisher,Vent and its valve,Dipstick, cap and its port;

Static grounding alarm device,

Fuel fill point (Cam Lock) / Overfill protection valve Liquid level meter,Manhole and its cover ;

1 set of inlets, outlets, manhole, 1 set of blow-off pipe(with valve)


Advantages :

Container petrol station completely autonomous, well-equipped, just three hours can operate, mobile/maneuverability is strong, only need little preparation, without land costs, the container is very sturdy.

1, mobile, timely provide temporary and emergency needs;

2, safety explosion-proof, automatic fire extinguishing;

3, protect the environment, from tank to move down to the ground, preventing the oil spill pollution;

4, cover an area of an area small;

5, low input costs, than traditional gas station more than save money more than half. (flammable)

6, good after-sales service system, has a perfect global after-sale service system

7 design and manufacture the container gas station as customers’ need.


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