Hot selling dx cold water wall mounted fan coil unit with cabinet

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Hot selling dx cold water wall mounted fan coil unit with cabinet 


  Fan coil units referred to as "fan coil units. It is made up of small fan, motor and coil (air heat exchanger) one of the terminal device of air conditioning system. Coil pipe with pipe outside air through the chilled water or hot water heat exchanger, the air is cooled and dehumidification or heat to adjust indoor air parameters. It is a common cooling and heating unit used for household.

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Imported weather-resistant ABS is used for injection molding, which is firm and beautiful and is not easy to change color.

Panel dark display

0.45mm thick copper tube high density hydrophilic aluminum foil evaporator increases the conversion of cold water.

Unique and accurate design of the cold air prevention electric control system. When the water temperature is lower than 35℃, the fan will not start.

Unique high-temperature protection function. When the water temperature is higher than 70℃ in the energized state, the forced heat dissipation function will be automatically turned on.

The 26 degree "environmental protection" function is beneficial to energy conservation and environmental protection. It is the best summer room temperature for human comfort. The remote control can be realized by pressing the special "one-touch" button.

C-shaped large-area evaporator, DN20 interface, multi-inlet and multi-outlet short waterway design, the water resistance of each group of pipelines is the same, the inside and outside of the evaporator are degreased and degreased without any peculiar smell, thus ensuring the heat exchange efficiency of the whole machine.

The original drawing type convenient filter screen is easy to clean and disassemble, saving time and labor, and the dust removal operation is simpler.

The fuselage integrated strong controller storage box, easy to organize, storage is more convenient.

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Air flow


Cooling capacity

Heating capacity


Applicable area




380-670 m3




9 kg


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1.Q:How do you control the quality?
    A: 1)We have pass 3C, ISO, CE certification.
        2)We have 20 years of production in FCU.   
       3)Every carton of goods quality would be checked on five time strictly before shipping. 
      4)Accpet The third-party inspection company quality check.
2.Q:How to choose a suitable machine? And how to get a prompt quotation?
   A:Please let us know the machine usage, we have professional design team who will make a reasonable scheme. When you send the inquiry to us, please kindly provide the below technical information:
     1) Chiller type: Air cooled or water cooled
     2) Cooling capacity: Kcal/hr or KW
     3) Refrigerant: R22 or others
     4) Voltages and Frequency : V/PH/HZ
3.Q:Are OEM or ODM available?
   A:Sure, OEM and ODM are available,our factory has more than 10 years’ experiences in design and manufacturing chiller, we also supply the machine based on the specification provided by the customers. You just need to give us your detailed requests, we will design and manufacture after communication and confirmation.
4.Q:How about your after-sale service?
   A:Provide customers with installation and commissioning online instructions.
      Custom design according to your construction drawing.
      Welcome visit our factory.

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