50ml high quality perfume oils magnolia fragrance sweet smell perfume for teenage girl

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Product Overview


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Everything you need to create brand market sell your perfume

To Make Your Perfume Outstanding

Believe us
All you need is the idea
Let us help you do the rest work

Product Description

Product No.
24 qty per carton
carton size:17.3*22.4*20.8cm
one side color label;
inner box;
color printing package;
shrink wrapper package
Design service
10000 pcs for oem,1 piece for sample
Leading time
Regularly:30-35days, and up to qty
Samples policy
Ready samples: 3 days and free

Custom samples: 7 days
Payment terms
T/T. 30% deposit, balances before shipment.
Price terms
EXW,FOB and so on
Business type
Manufacturer,Trading company
Fragrance partner
TA Payment
Yes(contact us for shipping cost)

Development & OEM

1. 8 families of fragrance, dozens of scents are available for selection.
2. We copy the scent of top brand or Create Your Unique Scent
3. natural fragrance, synthetic fragrance, essential oil

Sprayer & Atomizer
1. customize sprayer for all bottle size
2. atomizer is welcome too.

1.wood,metal,plastic caps are available,and we customize it for you

Box & Packaging
1.outstanding box could be a shine point of your perfume.
2.just tell us, your needs,let us do it for you.

About Us

OS Fragrance

we make revisions based on your feedback until it’s perfect.
It rarely takes more than two revisions to complete the fine tuning.

Fragrance Expert
We started our journey from fragrance and worked hard for 13 years in the fragrance& chemical manufacturing industry. Our product line expanded from freshener, body perfume to scent candle, hand care, personal beauty.

We don’t produce fragrance, but we are proficient in the use of fragrance and the production of fragrance related products. We almost know everything about fragrance, including the history of perfume, the characteristic of natural fragrance and synthetic fragrance and processing technology.
Until now, We have applied more than 50 kinds of fragrance and expensive raw materials (natural & synthetic) to produce perfume and essential oil.

And help our customers develop unique fragrance to apply to eye-catching products.

Fragrance Expert & Manufacturer

Manufacture Advantage
Manufacturing is our main foundation and advantage. At the same time, as a fragrance&chemical expert, we are committed to combining the two parts to bring our customers a diverse product portfolio of fragrances, while helping them create mind-blowing brands.

Manufacture Fast, Create More Revenue

When it comes to manufacturing, China, as the world’s factory, has the most complete industrial chain. Here you can quickly find all the components and raw materials needed to produce a product; the solid and leading automated processing technology perfectly produces these products and delivers to customers, which can help you save a lot of the costs of time, research, and development and production.

As a professional manufacturer, we can operate more than 8 automated production lines at the same time.

By producing the same product, we can help you create more profit.

Win-Win Business

Hundreds of clients choose us to be their loyal partners.
Make money is not our only goal. What makes us proud is to make our customers earn money and grow with us.
Many customers have accompanied us for 10 years, The bond between us is more than money, is trust, and partnership.
Believe us
All you need is the idea
Let us help you do the rest work

Private Label Details

Minimum Order Quantity
5000~10000 pieces

Compared with other industrial products, perfume has its special features.
Customers have their own ideas about glass bottles usually and want unique designs that have never appeared before.
Limited by the special material and production process, glass bottle manufacturer stipulates that its MOQ must be above 10,000 pieces.
For orders with glass bottles below 10,000 pieces, glass bottle suppliers often cannot complete this order because of no profit.
In China, if you want a satisfactory price and require a low MOQ, this is almost impossible unless you bid high.
We can meet the minimum order quantity of 5000 pieces.
And I must honestly say that this is for some specific bottles, not all.
The regular MOQ is still 10,000.

1.2~3 usd/piece

Our current main target market is the mass perfume market. And our customers mainly come from chain supermarkets, large
distributors, department stores, etc.
The manufacturing prices of most of our perfume products are range in 1.2~3 USD/piece.
Although we mainly produce low-cost perfumes, we have enough knowledge and skilled craftsmanship to produce high-end perfumes,
which are all to meet customer needs.

Leading Time
20~30 days

This turn-around time could say fast in the perfume manufacturing industry.
Timing is a crucial part of a business’s success, as a famous saying says, Time Is Money.
We pay close attention to production at all times to ensure that products can be delivered to customers as soon as possible.

2 years

For transnational transactions, trust is especially valuable. In order to achieve a perfect transaction that satisfies the customer and is assured, avoids any problems in any of the sections that cause customer losses.
We provide 2 years of productquality guarantee.

Packing & Delivery

\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\tFAQ \t\t\t\t\t\t\t

1. What are the post-sale services?\t

In case of any issues about the product quality, the client should contact us in a timely manner so that we can analyze and handle the product as fast as we can. If the client has the need, we will also provide the client with assistances in carrying out the technical background design, technical consulting, and other services.\t

2. If damage is caused in logistics, how to solve the issues of return or exchange of products?\t

The client can insure against logistic damage; meanwhile, our Company will try our best to help you file the claim.\t

3. Samples demanded by the client\t

The samples are made according to the client's demands on the product quality with regard to the product effects in terms of the color, thickness, type of fragrance, skin feeling, types (essence, cream, liquid, or gel), or required rate. If you feel satisfied with the sample after receiving and using it, you can place the order for production. Sampling product and manufacturing product are two different kinds of processing. Some products may seem a little different in colors from the sample, but that is a prevalent situation in the industry.\t

4. How long will it take to process a complete brand?\t

Generally, our production delivery time is about 7 to 15 business days; however, the actual time needed should depend on the arrival of the whole set of your packing materials at the factory before it is formally produced and filled in containers.\t

5. Can the product processed here receive assistance in product tests?\t

Yes. We can help to submit the product under your company's brand names and product names for tests on your behave, with the related charges on the tests undertaken by your company.

6. How can i solve the problem of the quality?

:We will take 100% responsibility to our products,and our QA and QC department will help you Until the problem is solve

Welcome to inquire for free samples.

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