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Product Overview


Screen printing emulsion remover powder is a ready-to-use emulsion remover.Easily removes emulsions and capillary films from your screens, and easily dissolves into water to make a reclaiming solution

1KG of defilm powder mixed with 45kg of water
1KG of defilm powder mixed with 65kg of water
1KG of defilm powder mixed with 100kg of water

How to use

Mixing of Autostrip Powder For general use dissolve 100 grams in 10 litres (18 pints) of cold water to make 1% strength solution.
When stencils are difficult to remove use 5 litres of cold water to make a 2% strength solution. If an Automatic Stripping machine
is used a 2% solution strength is preferred for a longer solution life. Use of Autostrip Powder 1.Remove all ink residues by
applying Autosolve Screen Wash to both sides of the mesh and work in with a brush. 2.Wash both sides of mesh with water to remove
all solvent traces. 3.With a brush, apply Autostrip liberally to both sides of the mesh. 4.Leave to stand for 3 to 5 minutes while
the emulsion coating dissolves. Do not allow Autostrip to dry onto the screen as this will make the stencil difficult to remove.
5.Wash off the stencil with a strong spray followed by a high pressure gun.

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