Polyimide Heater Pi Heating Film Plate Electric Heated Panel Pad Mat

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Product Overview


Product Description

The polyimide film PI electrothermal film is a polyimide film as an outer insulator; the metal foil and the metal wire are internal conductive heating bodies, which are formed by heat sealing at high temperature and high pressure. Polyimide film electrothermal film has excellent dielectric strength; excellent electric strength; excellent heat transfer efficiency; excellent resistance stability. This makes it widely applicable to the field of heating and is capable of achieving relatively high temperature control accuracy.

Polyimide is a thin, translucent material, has excellent dielectric strength. In the narrow space or require lighter, heater exposed to vacuum, oil or chemicals application environment, polyimide heaters are ideal. Compared with silicone heating film, PET film or ceramic electric heating film, polyimide is more compact.


Voltage range
Power density range
Heater size
10mm-500mm(larger size also can be produced)
Insulation material
Polyimide film
Heating Material
Etched metal foil
Use environment
-190℃-190℃(Can't be heated in liquid)
Surface temperature
0-180℃(Can work for a long time within 150 degrees)
Products Shape
Any size within the plane (within the scope of production design)
Temperature control method
Adjustable temperature digital display temperature control, thermal protector, thermistor, K-type thermal resistance, etc.

---Product Details

Dimension of length
Rated Voltage
Cable leads
As customized


1.Medical equipment such as blood analyzers and test tube heaters
2.Computer peripherals such as laser printers
3.Curing of plastic laminates
4.Photo processing equipment
5.Semiconductor processing equipment
6.Thermal transfer equipment
7.Heat various vessels and objects.

Polyimide film electric heating film has been successfully applied to Fengyun series artificial satellites, Long March series
launch vehicles, Dongfeng, Hongqi and other series of missiles, as well as aircraft, ships, tanks, artillery gyroscopes,
accelerometers, fire control radar isothermal Control and heating system.

Product Features

①Heater thin and light so you can just position on the need for heating without heating part being avoided.
②Etched foil heating technology provides fast and efficient heat transfer and uniform heating surface, the temperature difference is minimal.
③Customization options (for example: SMT components, flex cable and connectors) can provide the perfect complete solution that can significantly reduce assembly time and increase productivity.
④Custom configured to provide balanced heating output performance to improve process yield and productivity, in accordance with requirements of additional temperature control device and temperature sensing devices.
⑤There FEP adhesive can be 200 ° C (392 ° F) 
⑥Suitable for vacuum environments (NASA-RP-1061)
⑦ Resistant to most chemicals: acids and alkaline solvents erosion
⑧ If you are using polyimide insulated wires (custom option) can resist 106 rads of radiation, PSA adhesive stickers can be installed or epoxy adhesive, silicone adhesive installation.
⑨Providing a variety of complex shapes design, and different power designs. Membrane in the same piece electrically heated heating circuit can be designed and holding circuit
⑩Providing a liquid immersion design (non-standard)

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Q:What is our competitive advantage?
A:You are ordering directly from the factory.We provide one-stop service, from order taking, customized research and development, to product follow-up, after-sales, etc. If you buy our products, we are responsible for you to the end.

Q: What is the lead time for Heater products?
A: Samples - within 3 working days with materials in stock Mass production - usually 7-14 working days (depends on quantity and raw material situation, please further discuss with our team. )

Q: What is the MOQ for Heater products?
A: Reheat products produced with common materials can be ordered at 1pcs. If infrequently used materials required, it depends on the situation of the materials.

Q: Do you manufacture custom parts?
A: Yes. We have thousands of designs in our files of custom heaters and sensors designed for every imaginable application. Our Sales and Engineering teams are here to help you design a product that fits your needs.

Q: If we have heating projects, how to progress project design or select a product?
A: We have professional sales to provide pre-sale consulting services and engineering team for technical support. Any questions about products or technical questions please communicate with our sales team and provide specific applications and requirements.

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