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Product Overview


Factory Supply extruded carbide rods ground polished solid tungsten cemented carbide rod with good price


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Size(D x L,mm)Tolerance
Φ(1-5)x 330 +0.30/+0.45h6/h70/+5
Φ(6-20)x 330 +0.20/+0.60h6/h70/+5
Φ(21-40)x 330 +0.20/+0.80h6/h70/+5


Tungsten Carbide Rod (various grade)

1.With strict tolerance extent control

2.Enjoy excellent wear resistance & high toughness

3.Have very good thermal & chemical stability

4.Anti-deformation & deflection

5.A special Hot Isostatic Press (HIP) process provides quality improvement to the finished products to ensure meterial reliability.

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carbide rods used for making the drill bits/  end-mills / reamers .automobile special cutters, printed circuit board special cutters, engine special cutters, Horologe  processing special cutters, integral vertical milling cutter, graver and etc. Besides, they can be used for making of cemented carbide stamping head, Core bar and perforation tools.

Application for Tungsten Carbide Rods

1. Cutting Tool Industry

2. PCB Tools

3. Dies, Punches

4. Blades, drills, end mill and reamers, core pins, hole drilling tools

5. Paper Industry

6. Polymer Extrusion

7. Gear Cutting


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Relying on the advantages of Zhuzhou and Zigong Hard Alloy Production Bases, the company integrates the production, R&D, technical service and sale of hard alloy products, and is devoted to producing hard alloy products and developing hard alloy precision parts.


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All of our tungsten Carbide Products are made from the high-purity Original/Virgin Raw Materials and HIP/Sintered, with very high quality and excellent performances. Also the price is very competitive. 

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