Stainless steel material vacuum hopper feeder (62371143038)

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Product Overview


Powder Conveying equipment 

The powder or granules enter the buffer bin, and the vibrating hopper and the quantitative screw link are arranged under the buffer bin. The material of the quantitative screw outlet is sucked by the vacuum to the solid gas separation bin of the loading machine, the weighing sensing wire is arranged under the bin. Before the weighing sensor senses the set weight, it will inform the quantitative screw to feed the material according to the speed and then suck it away by the vacuum suction machine. After the setting is reached, the whole system will be stopped, and then the heavy material will be unloading to the designated position.


Features of the device:

1. The system is light, and it can be placed according to the site.

2. The system has low energy consumption, low noise and low failure rate.

3. Suitable for mixing single or multiple materials in proportion.

4. Weighing is high precision, generally the batch material can be controlled at 0.5%.



Application industry:

Transportation of all powders and particulate materials such as food chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, and chemical intermediates.

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