Удобно носить с собой на улице! Портативный барабанный набор Arborea (62372810755)

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Dear firends,welcome to our store!:))

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1)Our drums features!

Bass Drum: 20 inches
Snare Drum: 12 inches
Tom Toms: 10.12.14 inch
Rack System: Product made in steel full rack system
Hard Ware: Bass drum pedal, cymbals arm (*2), high hattand, tuning key,
Cymbals are not attached.

[size at the time of the folding]

* High 1 (the state that took off cymbals arm): 96cm
* High 2 (state including the cymbals arm): 79.5cm
* Width: 83cm
* Body thickness (the state that took off a snare): 19cm
* Foot width (the state that I installed perpendicularly): 83cm


2)Now let's have a look of our drums....




we attend musical instrument exhibition every year!









If you are a learner of drum ,maybe the following information is useful.....

 a) A standard drum kit will usually include a ridehi-hat set, and one or more crash cymbals. Other  types may also be present including splashchina, and other effects cymbals.Specialty cymbals are made for specific music forms, such as rock, jazz, heavy metal, etc. The many different cymbal designsand types available ensure that drummers and percussionists can find instruments for any musical style

 b)The ride cymbal is a common fixture in a drum kit configuration. It serves a function similar to that of a hi-hat, namely to maintain a steady pattern. It is often a larger and  heavier cymbal, thus giving it increased volume and longer sustain. A drummer may alternate play between the hi-hat and ride. By using different sizes, weights, and styles of rides, a player can chose the one best suited for any musical style and mode of play. 

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 For more detail information about cymbal,please contact with us by e-mail or add our


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