Huawei OSN8800 OTN DWDM NS3 03030RRQ 001 TN56NS3T01 03030KHS TN11NS3T03

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Product Overview


Huawei OSN8800 OTN DWDM NS3 03030RRQ-001 TN56NS3T01 03030KHS TN11NS3T03

Product Description


Functions and Features

The NS3 board achieves cross-connection at the electrical layer, and to provide OTN interfaces and ESC. The TN56NS3 board supports hybrid transmission of OTN and SDH services.

The NS3 board can work in either line mode or relay mode. Table 1 describes the functions and features of the board working in line board, and Table 2 describes the functions and features of the board working in relay board.

  • Only the OptiX OSN 8800 supports ODU0/ODU3.

  • The relay mode is only supported by the TN54NS3/TN55NS3/TN56NS3.

  • For the TN54NS3 board:

    • When the board is equipped with 40 Gbit/s-multirate-2km optical modules, it does not support OTU3e on the WDM side and ODU2e on the backplane side.

    • When the board is equipped with 800ps/nm-C band-tunable-ODB-PIN or 800ps/nm-C band-tunable-DQPSK-PIN optical modules, the preceding restriction does not apply.

  • Only the TN56NS3 board supports SDH functions and features, including SDH overhead, physical clock (OCS), Electrical-layer ASON (SDH), SDH protection, and VC-4 channel loopback.

Table 1 Functions and features of the NS3 board (Line Mode)

Function and featureDescription
Basic function
NS3 converts signals as follows:

  • TN11NS3:

    • 4xODU2<->1xOTU3/OTU3e

    • 4xODU2e<->1xOTU3e

  • TN52NS3:

    • 32xODU0/16xODU1/4xODU2<->1xOTU3/OTU3e

    • 4xODU2e<->1xOTU3e

  • TN54NS3/TN55NS3:

    • 32xODU0/16xODU1/4xODU2<->1xOTU3/OTU3e

    • 4xODU2e<->1xOTU3e

    • 1xODU3<->1xOTU3

  • TN56NS3:

    • 32xODU0/32xODUflex/16xODU1/4xODU2<->1xOTU3/OTU3e

    • 4xODU2e<->1xOTU3e

    • 1xODU3<->1xOTU3

    • 16xSTM-16/4xSTM-64<->1xOTU3/OTU3e

The TN52NS3/TN54NS3/TN55NS3 board supports hybrid transmission of ODU0/ODU1/ODU2/ODU2e signals. The TN56NS3 board supports hybrid transmission of ODU0/ODU1/ODU2/ODU2e/ODUflex/VC-4 signals. When the mixed signals contain an ODU2e signal, they must be mapped into an OTU3e signal.

The TN11NS3/TN52NS3/TN54NS3 board supports dispersion compensation for signals received on the WDM side.

Cross-connect capabilities

Supports cross-connections with cross-connect boards.

OptiX OSN 8800:

  • TN52NS3: 32xODU0/16xODU1/4xODU2/4xODU2e

  • TN54NS3/TN55NS3: 32xODU0/16xODU1/4xODU2/4xODU2e/1xODU3

    TN56NS3: 32xODU0/32xODUflex/16xODU1/4xODU2/4xODU2e/1xODU3/256xVC-4

    When the TN56NS3 board is installed in an OptiX OSN 8800 T64 subrack, the board supports a maximum of 128 VC-4 services. This limit does not apply when the board is installed in an OptiX OSN 8800 T32/T16 subrack.

OptiX OSN 6800:

  • TN11NS3: 4xODU2/4xODU2e

  • TN52NS3: 16xODU1/4xODU2/4xODU2e

OTN function

  • Supports the OTU3/OTU3e interface on the WDM side.

  • Supports the OTN frame format and overhead processing by referring to the ITU-T G.709.

  • OTU3 layer: supports the SM function.

  • ODUk (k=0, 1, 2, 3, flex) layer: supports the PM and TCM function, and PM and TCM non-intrusive monitoring functions.

Only the TN56NS3 board supports TCM and TCM non-intrusive monitoring of the ODU0 and ODUflex layer.

SDH service processingSupports the VC-12 services, VC-3 services, VC-4 services, VC-4-4c concatenation services, VC-4-16c concatenation services, and VC-4-64c concatenation services.
SDH overhead processingOnly the TN56NS3 board supports the following functions:

  • Processes the section overheads of STM-16/STM-64 signals.

  • Supports the transparent transmission and termination of path overheads.

  • Supports the setting and query of the J0, J1, and C2 bytes.

The TN56NS3 board supports D4–D12 overhead processing. It does not support D1–D3 overhead processing.

WDM specification

Supports ITU-T G.694.1-compliant DWDM specifications.

Tunable wavelength function
Supports tunable wavelength optical modules that provide for:

  • 40 wavelengths tunable in the C band with 100 GHz channel spacing

  • 80 wavelengths tunable in the C band with 50 GHz channel spacing

ESC functionSupported
PRBS test function

TN52NS3/TN54NS3/TN55NS3/TN56NS3 supports the PRBS function on the WDM side.

LPT functionNot supported
FEC coding

  • Supports ITU-T G.709-compliant forward error correction (FEC) on the WDM side.

  • Supports ITU-T G.975.1-compliant advanced forward error correction (AFEC) on the WDM side.


  • Supports ITU-T G.709-compliant forward error correction (FEC) on the WDM side.

  • Supports ITU-T G.975.1-compliant AFEC-2 on the WDM side.


  • Supports HFEC.

Boards that use different FEC modes cannot interconnect with each other.

Alarms and performance events monitoring

  • Monitors BIP8 bytes (Poisson mode or Bursty mode) to help locate line failures.

  • Monitors parameters such as the bias current, temperature, and optical power of the laser.

  • Monitors OTN alarms and performance events.

  • Supports CD and PMD performance monitoring.

  • Monitors B1 bytes to help locate faults.

  • Monitors B2 bytes to help locate faults.

Only the TN54NS3 supports Poisson mode.

Only the TN55NS3/TN56NS3 board supports CD and PMD performance monitoring.

Only the TN56NS3 board supports B1/B2 byte monitoring.

Regeneration board

  • The WDM-side signals of the TN11NS3/TN52NS3 board can be regenerated by a TN12LSXLR board.

  • The WDM-side signals of the TN54NS3 board can be regenerated using another TN54NS3 board.

  • The WDM-side signals of the TN55NS3/TN56NS3 board can be regenerated using another TN55NS3/TN56NS3 board.

ALS functionNot supported
Latency measurement

TN11NS3: Not supported

TN52NS3/TN54NS3/TN55NS3: Supports the PM Latency measurement.

TN56NS3: Supports the PM and TCM Latency measurement.

MSI configuration

Only supported by the TN56NS3 board.

Test frameNot supported
IEEE 1588v2The TN54NS3 board supports BC and OC mode, do not support TC and TC+OC mode.
Physical clock (OTN)The TN54NS3 board supports this feature only when ODU0, ODU1 or ODU2/ODU2e signals are cross-connected from the backplane.
Optical-layer ASONSupported
Electrical-layer ASON (OTN)

Supported by the TN52NS3, TN54NS3, TN55NS3, and TN56NS3.

Electrical-layer ASON (SDH)Supported only by the TN56NS3 board.
When being installed in a T16 subrack, the board does not support SDH ASON.

Protection scheme

OTN protection

  • Supports ODUk SNCP.

  • Supports intra-board 1+1 protection (when working with the OLP/DCP/QCP board).

  • Supports ODUk SPRing protection.

  • Supports tributary SNCP protection.

  • Supports OWSP protection.

SDH protection

  • SNCP


  • LMSP

  • MSP ring


Only TN52NS3 supports OWSP protection.

When the grooming granularity is ODUflex, ODUk SPRing and tributary SNCP protection types are not supported.

LoopbackBoardWDM sideODU0/ODU1/ODU2 Channel LoopbackODUflex Channel LoopbackVC-4 Channel Loopback


ODU2: Supported


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