60T Underground Plastic Rainwater Modular Tank For Rainwater Harvesting System Underground Rainwater Modular Tank for Rainwater Harvesting System

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Product Overview


Underground Rainwater Modular Tank for Rainwater Harvesting System

About Us

Shenzhen Doctor Rain is a professional manufacturer for Geocellular Modular Rainwater Harvesting Tank System ( soakaway crate / attenuation crates / infiltration tanks), established in 2013, with two large plants in Songgang of Shenzhen. We are the first maker of rainwater harvesting system in China, we have 10 production lines, more than 20 engineers in R&D department and about 300 skilled workers.



We have our own mold design and making workshop, all the plastic injection molds for producing the soakaway tanks are designed and made by our own shop.


Our production capacity reachs more than 1600m3 per days (or 50000m3 per month) for Rainwater Harvesting Tank, which can meet the needs of any large rainwater harvesting projects. 


We are a national qualified third grade construction contractor which enable us to conduct construction of rainwater harvesting system in China, and we have completed more than 500 large or small projects for rainwater harvesting system.


Now our company can offer full sets of accessories for making a whole rainwater harvesting system, including Rainwater  Sewage (silt, sand, garbage trap) Interception basket Device, Initial Rainfall Removal(discarding-dirty-flow) Device,Rainwater Automatic Filter, Soakaway Crates, Inspection Chamber (Inspection well), Pipe Connection Box. All these accessories are made by ourself.


Our company has passed the following qualifications: ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 and OHSAS18001:2007.

Product Description

Doctor Rain's Rainwater Tank can be used to build any size of underground rainwater pool for different purposes, which can be used for rainwater storage, infiltration, attenuation, detention and retention , so rainwater tank can also be called soakaway crates, infiltration tank or retention tank, detention tank and attenuation tank. It is the main parts of a rainwater harvesting system.




What is rainwater harvesting system? A rainwater harvesting system is a system that can help us to harvest rainwater and store them or infiltrate them into the ground. What components does a rainwater harvesting system included? There’re generally rainwater catchment area like the building roof top, Hardened impermeable pavement, etc, and filters for interception large particle, intial rainfall removal device (also called initial rainwater flush filter), and automatic rainwater filter, geocellular modular rainwater tank, geotextile and/or membrane .


Two application of this product: 

1. Rainwater Attenuation/retention/detention System.

2. Rainwater Infiltration (Soakaway) System.


Construction Flow Chart of Rainwater Harvesting System:


Product Details


Model No. YBS-M1000
Size (mm) 1000Lx500Wx400H
Weight 16kg/tank
Void Ratio 95%
Storage Capacity 200L/tank
Load Capacity 300KN/m2 -737KN/m2
Temperature -30℃-120℃
Material Virgin
Color Green
Installation Underground
Design Lifetime 50 Years



Tank Comparison
  30T Grade 45T Grade 60T Grade
Modular Tank black-200px.jpg darkgreen-200px.jpg green-200px.jpg
Color Black Dark Green Bright Green
Loading Capacity >300KN/m^2 >450KN/^2 >600KN/^2
Material Grade 100% recycled PP 50% Recycled +50% Virigin PP 100% Virgin PP
Application Area Greening Area Park, Square, light traffic road Traffic Road, Parking Lots
Void Ratio 95% 95% 95%
Storage Capacity  200L 200L 200L


Please choose the suitable quality grade of tank for your projects, if you are not sure which one you should use, please don't hesitate to consult us.


Product Advantage:


1.Flexible Design: The size and shape of the underground pool which made of of the modular rainwater tank can be assembled according to the need of the site.

2.High Loading Capacity: the vertical loading capacity of some of some models of rainwater modular tanks can reach 90 tons, the lateral loading capacity can reach 62 tons.

3.High Void Ratio: the void space inside the rainwater tank reaches 95%,we can storage more water in it.

4.Long Service Life: The designd service life of the modular tank is 50 years.

5.Easy Installation: the assembling of the modular tank can be done just by hands, no large machines required.

6.Time Saving: one person can install 75 cubic meters each day.

7.Compact Storage: the modular tank can be piled on pallets, one 40'HC container can hold 294.4 cubic meters.

8.Environmental protection: the modular rainwater tank can be made of 100% recycled pp material,after service life, the pp material can be recycled once again.


9.Money Saving: Compared with the traditional stainless steel and concrete pools, Doctor Rain's Rainwater Tank reduces the time cost, transportation cost and later maintenance cost in many ways.

Packing Details



The modules make up the main body of the underground pool, side plates are only needed for the perimeter of the pool (there's no side plates inside of the pool), and top covers are only needed for the top of the pool. 


The following quantity is for goods loaded in a 40ft HC container


Rainwater tank has the following parts: modules, side plates, top covers, small buckles and big buckles.


One  tank has 2 modules,

One cubic meter has 5 tanks,

One cubic meter has 10 modules,


Modules and side plates are stacked on pallets

Figure on the left is parts quantity on one pallet

Figure on the right is pallets quantity in one container

For example: 128x20 means 20 pallets, each pallets has 128pcs modules.



Qty for modules on big pallet is 192pcs

Qty for modules on small pallet is 128pcs


Qty for side plate on big pallets is 480pcs

Qty for side plate on small pallets is 320pcs


Top covers, small buckles and big buckles are packed in wood case

Qty for top cover in one wood case is 3000pcs

Qty for big buckle in one wood case is 15000pcs

Qty for small buckle in one wood case is 28000pcs


(1). One full container only loaded with modules
128x20+192x2=2944 (modules) ,

20 small pallets, and two big pallets.

(2). One container mixed with modules and side plates
320*2+480*1=1120 (side plates)

(3). One container mixed with module and big buckles.
128*22=2816 (modules),
15000*2=30000 (big buckles)

(4). One container mixed with module and small buckles.

128*22=2816 (modules) 
28000*2=56000 (small buckles)

(5). One container mixed with module and top covers.
128*22=2816 (modules) 
3000*2=6000 (top covers)


If you want to buy one container with all these parts, we suggest the following arrangement:

128*20=2560 (modules)

320*2=640 ( side plates)

3000*1=3000 ( top covers)

15000*0.5=7500 ( big buckles half case)

28000*0.5=14000 (small buckles half case)


With above arrangement, we can put 256m3 of modules into 1 40'HC container, you can also reduce the number of pallets for modules and increase the number of pallets for side pallets if you think you need more of it.



rainwater modules.jpgrainwater tanks.jpg 

Construction Site



1. Q:  Do you have stock  for sample ?

A: Yes, you can get available samples in our stock. with a little reasonable charge.


 2. Q: What's your delivery time?

 A: 7-14 days after received the advance payment or L/C.


 3. Q: Are you manufacturer or trader?

 A: We are the manufacturer of Rainwater harvesting modules. 


 4. Q: Can we visit your factory?

 A: Warmly welcome. Once we have your schedule, we will arrange the professional sales team to follow up your case.


 5. Q:.When can I get the price?

 A: Usually we quote within 24 hours after we get your clear inquiry.


6. Q: What information should I provide to get a quotation?


Please let us know the following information, so that we can understand clearly what you need:


a. Where are they to be installed, under Garden area, parking lot, light traffic road or heavy traffic road? With these information we can determine which quality grade will be suitable for your project.


b What is the loading capacity you required , we have 30T, 45T and 60T grades? 30T means the vertical loading pressure is 30 tons per square meter.


c. What is the size of the pool ? Please let us know the length, height and width of the pool. It would be much better that you can provide us with the layout drawing of the projects. We need this information to calculate the quantity of all parts and components.


d. Please provide us your company details: such company name, address, website, email adress and phone numbers. You see, you won't give prices to anybody who you know nothing about .


Contact Details

Contact Person: Jeff Wang (Export Manager)

Wechat: wangjiehuisz

Tel:+86 -755- 33561729   Fax: +86-755-33230209

Cellphone/Whatsapp: +86-188 2018 4898

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Address: Jialongda Science & Technology Park, No. 57 Yanchao Road, Songgang, Bao'an District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China - 518000


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