Испаритель, воздухоохладитель для разных холодильных камер (62381580546)

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Model LK-DD series Evaporator can be used as cooling device in varies cold storages, like simple cold storage or combined cold storage. There are type LK-H,LK-M and LK-L unit coolers, which are ideal for different refrigerating purposes. It's compact in structure, light in weight, no space occupation,high in efficiency to balance and lower refrigerating temperature.


Working with compressor condensing units of different refrigerating capacity,LK series unit cooler is applied to different purposes of cold storage.LK-H type can be used at about 0°C for saving eggs and vegetables;LK-M type can be used at-18°C for saving meats and fishes; LK-L type can be used at-25°C or below for quick-freezing to preserve fresh meat and live fish.


1. The housing is in plastic-sprayed coat or rolled from aluminum plate,best corrosion protection, beautiful in shape. 

2. Original coil arrangement to reduce the side resistance. The aluminum fins are fasten ed to the steel tubes by hydraulic expanding way, which is effective to reduce thermal contact resistance and improve thermal transfer. 

3. After pressure test, wash with trichloroethylene to clean the oily dirt,moisture, oxide and other impurities inside. As such, no blocking trouble after filling with refrigerant in use. 

4.Special fan motor, which is low in power consumption, large in air volume, low in noise, send far in air throw, guarantees good performance in humidity and low temperature. 

5.Equipped with U-shaped electro-thermal tube that's good in insulation inside the coil,rational gap arrangement and power capacity to achieve desirable defrosting performance. 

6.Groove-type channel clip, easy to install. 

7.Filled with nitrogen before leaving factory.

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