R32/R410A 9000BTU to 42000BTU air conditioner split type air conditioning split air conditioners

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Product Overview


Product Description




Standard features

1.   EU standard Inverter CE verified split air conditioner

2.   Cooling and Heating, heat pump

3.   R32/R410a/R290 environmentally friendly refrigerant

4.   50Hz 220-240 power supply

5.   Japanese technology compressor with high efficiency and best performance


Standard features

1.  Refrigerant leakage Detect

2.  Self-diagonsis and Auto-protection

3.  Low Ambient Cooling

4.  Fire-proof Electric Box

5.  Anti-cold Air Function

6.  12 Grades Indoor Fan Speeds

7.  Louver Position Memory

8.  Cold Catalyst Filter

9.  5 Grades Outdoor Fan Speeds

10.1W standby

11.Sleep mode

12.Two-way drawing

13.Auto Restart Function(The machine can restart after electricity is available)


15.Mono&Multi Compatible

16.Auto restart function

17.Refrigerant leakage detect


19. Golden Fin heat exchangers


Optional features

1.  Super lonizer

2.  lonizer

3.  Compound Filter

4.  Plasma

5.  Self-Cleaning

6.  Remote In Engineer Mode

7.  Chasis Heating Belt

8.  Compressor Heating Belt

9.  Follow me


11.3D Air Flow


13.Wired Control

14.Filter Cleaning Reminder

15.Silver lon Filter

16.High Density Filter

17.Bio Filter

18.VC Filter

Company Information


Kanion Group (Group of companies including Kanion Group Co.,Limited & Shenzhen Kanion Appliance Co.,Limited & Shenzhen Kanion Technology Co.,Limited) is a specialized, high-tech enterprise in the field of home appliances, founded in China. Our main goal is to supply high quality products, by using cutting-edge technology in the production line, while retaining cost efficiency and complying with International Environmental Protection Regulations.

We incorporate latest technological advances such as Environmental Friendly Refrigerant Type, Energy Saving and Solar Technologies, in order to provide a complete pool of necessary products to cover the needs of the global community.

Kanion Group’s field of expertise is Air Conditioning products. We produce and supply air conditioners covering almost all range of Residential type, light commercial type and Heavy Commercial type.

More specifically, Kanion Group supplies and exports the following products to more than 100 countries, under the brand name KANIONco:

I. Residential type: Wall Split Mounted Type, Window Type, Floor Standing Type, Portable Type and Dehumidifiers

II. Light Commercial type: Duct Type, Ceiling Cassette Type, Floor Ceiling Type, PTAC

III. Heavy commercial type: Water Chillers, Air Chillers, VRF systems, MINI-VRF Systems, Rooftop Packages

IV. Full functional Hybrid Solar Air Conditioners

Our production Bases are introduced as below:

I. Shenzhen Production Base: Occupies an area of 20,000 square meters, incorporates 4 production lines with over 500 employees. Commercial Air Conditioners produced by this Production Base are exported to more than 100 countries. SASO, UL, ETL, CE, CB and ISO qualified.

II. Foshan Production Base: Occupies an area of 68,000 square meters, incorporates 5 production lines with over 1,000 employees. Residential Air Conditioners such as Wall split mounted type, Window type, Portable type, Floor Standing type and Dehumidifiers, produced by this Production Base are exported to more than 100 countries. SASO, UL, ETL, CE, CB and ISO qualified

IV. Ganzhou Production Base: Occupies an area of 80,000 square meters, incorporates 8 production lines with over 1,000 employees, specialized in Heavy Commercial Type Air Conditioners’ production mainly. The products are exported to more than 100 countries. SASO, UL, ETL, CE, CB and ISO qualified.

Kanion Group is experienced in resources integration. By embodying the latest advances of technology in our procedures, we manage to keep low production cost while retaining our high quality standards. We are committed to providing our buyers a strong competitive advantage over their competitors in local markets.

High quality and cost efficiency is not only our main target but also the key to expand our products and brand in the shortest time given. We, the Kanion Group, sincerely invite you to try our products and services.

outdoor unit




Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why Kanion Group?
Kanion is an established supplier. We export to almost every country around the globe and when it comes to quality and efficiency our products can meet the standards of the most demanding countries. We are certified by SASO, SGS, INTERTEK / UL / AHRI, CE TUV, among others. But high efficiency or not, our product have the same standards quality in any country we compete, with high quality copper parts, blue fin or golden fin condenser and evaporator, Japanese Edge-Technology Compressors (GMCC Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Hitachi) and exciting New Features like WiFi control and follow me feature.

2. Where are we?
Our offices and plants span across China, with offices in Dongguan, Shenzhen, Foshan, Ganzhou, among others. Our main marketing office is in Luohu District, Shenzhen city center, which is a key location in Pearl River Delta, Guangdong Province, with easy access from big commercial centers like nearby Hong Kong and Guangzhou (40 minutes trip by train from both cities to Shenzhen).

3. The process of production, what does it include?
The order is placed and it needs about 30-40 days to be delivered, depending on the season (peak season from October to March needs 40 days, low season from April to September needs 30 days), production process includes assembly of the units, testing of quality and efficiency, packaging (thick colorful carton with Kanion or OEM brand name, enhanced by thick shockproof foam boards), transfer to warehouse, inspection by third party company or the client himself, loading and finally shipment. The shipment time may vary depending on the location. Normally needs from 25 to 40 days. So the whole process takes between 55-80 days. Kanion can undertake to deliver the goods door to door.

4. Can i visit Kanion Group?
Clients are most welcome to visit our offices and production bases. We may arrange company car within Shenzhen City in order to make your staying with us a comfortable experience. Please let us know about your visit schedule 3 days in advance, so that we may prepare a visit schedule and an appointed manager to accompany you.

5. Can i order a sample?
Yes, samples orders of small quantity, are available for clients who wish to test our products. Sample orders need 25 days to deliver. The goods can be sent by express or by ship. Kanion can undertake to deliver the goods door to door.

6. Can i get Kanion Group full product catalog?
Yes, by cloud service of your preference we may send you a soft copy of our full catalogs. By express we may send you a hard copy of our catalogs, free of charge for the receiver. Please contact us for more information.

7. Can i print my logo and my carton design on the units and cartons?
Yes, Kanion offers this option to its customers. Customers are also welcome to undertake the promotion of our own brand name KANIONco with sophisticated design and extra promotion materials and benefits, on the condition that in the country destination, KANIONco brand name is not already exclusively granted to another customer.

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