TOOLWAY быстросменный шестигранный хвостовик 13 мм плоская деревянная лопатка сверло для сверления древесины

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Suitable for drilling holes in medium-hard and soft woods as well as light building materials such as plaster board. The thread design of the tip can be automatically feed into the drilling work, more labor saving
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Powerful, Effortless Drilling
The threaded tips of the Spade Bit Set ensures a faster drill. What makes the drilling even smoother is the Speedwave Paddle Design of the Bit that simultaneously removes the chip to prevent jamming
Spur and Reamer tips ensure clean work
The Paddle Body of the Bit is embedded with a Spur and Reamer tip on the top edge that makes clean holes. This is made possible by
an obstructed, smooth entry into the surface of the wood. Additionally, the angled cutting edges also minimizes blow-outs.
Perfect for Professionals, compatible with various drills
The Quick Change hex shank that fits a wide range of drills. If you are a professional and have different kinds of impact drivers
as well as drill/drivers, you don’t have to invest on different kinds of Bits, if you have this as it. It also features a power groove to improve bit grip and reduce slippage.

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