Antique Wooden Wine Counter Bar For Home Mini Bar Design Commerical Bar Furniture

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Product Overview


Whether you're selling cupcakes, hamburgers, hot dogs, or anything food related, we can create just the right food/restaurant kiosk for you!
Product Name
Coffee/bubble tea/frozen yogurt/ice cream/sweet corn/juice bar/smoothie /candy /sweet cane and all food categories.

1) Acrylic/solid wood/plywood/wood veneer with lacquer finish
2) Metal/stainless steel/hardware accessory with baking finish
Place of Product
Guangdong Province,China
3) Tempered glass/hot bending glass/acrylic/LED light
4) High density strong toughness E1 class environmental MDF 
OEM/ODM Free Design support ,installation instruction,take measurements, professional after-sale service.
Modes of packing
Packed in three cartons
Company Introduction
Pioneer is a one stop design and fit-out service for your retail and commercial space's. Because everything is done in house with no middle men! Yes you heard right! At Pioneer we are the Designers, Manufacturers, Engineers, Project managers and Installers all in house! We can manufacture locally in our shopfitting factory or directly import from leading manufactures and source out products with our highly experienced shopfitters and offices. Whether it's a design and fit out for a restaurant, bar, petrol station, office, warehouse, supermarket, you name it - we can provide the right expertise for your next project.
Our Services & Strength
For a reliable, expert, budget-friendly and quality-focused contractor – look no further. We offer premier construction and remodeling solutions at affordable prices that are designed and executed to exceed expectations. Our clients simply need to state their requirements, desires, budgets and other core instructions to get us going. Our full-service nature guarantees a start to finish project that adheres to the highest quality parameters. We strive to earn our customer’s goodwill and subsequent referrals through superior service standards.
Successful Cases

Westfield Oak Coffee Kiosk

Australia Bubble Tea Kiosk

Simon Mall Frozen Yogurt Kiosk

Clients Are Involved
Dimensions, hand sketches, and/or photographs are required, but detailed drawings will expedite the process
Project Specifications
Through our custom model specifying process, we work with clients to develop the ideal model solution.
CAD Drawings
Once the scope of the project has been determined, the walls are created in 2D CAD. Then custom 3D components are created in 3D CAD.
Walls, windows, floors and doors are sent to the 2D laser cutter. Custom 3D components are generated with advanced 3D printing technology.
From painting and texturing components to simulating dirt, paint ware and stucco--surfaces are prepared and detailed prior to assembly.
Every model is assembled to meet client requirements. We hand assemble custom models and incorporate them into a diorama for maximum impact.

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