200ML Mokeru Magic beard coloring shampoo for Men Fast Blackening Moustache Hair Dye

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Product Overview


200ML Mokeru Magic black beard Shampoo for Men Fast Blackening Moustache Hair Dye
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Person:Laurel Zeng
Whatsapp/wechat/skype: +86 15902092966
What is the Beard Black Dye Shampoo:
The 200ml Beard Black Dye Shampoo uses a unique hair dyeing technique and a natural plant pigment factor formula to make the man's beard and moustache color more natural and closer to the true color of the beard. This product uses a new packaging technology, suitable for men's daily beard care, to keep the color and status of a man's beard at any time.
* With natural extract like black olive extract, coconut oil, collagen helps to strong the beard fibers;
* Let beard and moustache natural black, shiny, soft and smooth;
* Special formula easily dye white, gray beard, no harmful, no plumbum, non stick skin and cloth after wash
* 100% cover white hair perfectly, brink black a full natural black beard;
*Fast black beard and moustache only 5 mins and long lasting for 6 months
Product Name
200ml Moustache Dye Shampoo/ 200ml Beard black shampoo
Main Ingredient
*Chinese Black Olive Extract
*Coconut Oil essence
*Ganoderma Lucidum Extrat
*Ayurvedic Herbs, ect.
Plant extract moustache dye shampoo fast black magic in 5 mins
1.Convenient: Easy in operation, just like using normal beard shampoo;
2.Time saving:Make your beard black and shining  moustache just in 5 minutes;
3.Cost saving:Compared to the expensive cost for dyeing beard in the Barber Shop;
4.Long lasting:Beard Black Dye Shampoo lasts long for 6 months.
200mlX48pieces, packed with box
Using Effects
How to use Beard Black Dye Shampoo for Men:
1.Take out the products from box and Put on gloves.
2.Push out the ingredients from bottle,and mixed ingredients in the palm. 3.Apply the products on the beards evenly,and massage about five minutes. 4.After about 5-7 minutes, then wash beard with cleaning water. 5.Dry the beard,then will get the target color.   Tip: This product must be used on dry beard,and don’t touch to face skin.Usually 5 minutes finish the color dye, Controlling the residence time of the product on the beard can affect the depth of the target color.   Warning: Keep out of reach to children.In case of contact with eyes rinse with plenty of water.
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