Азотный генератор PSA с потоком N2 99.9% нм 3/ч, чистота (62408558860)

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Product Overview



1. Operational Principle

PSA nitrogen generation adopts carbon molecular sieve as adsorbent whose capacity of adsorbing the oxygen in air shall be larger more than of adsorbing the nitrogen in air. By means of valve opened and closed with PLC, two columns a&b can be shifted in circulation for pressured adsorption,de-pressured dis-adsorption in turn so as to separate the oxygen and nitrogen in air, thus a nitrogen gas with purity demanded can be made.


2. Typical application

Nitrogen is used in the surface of storage liquid and marine engineering as protective gas. Using nitrogen to blow and sweep containers, pipelines, reactors and isolation rooms. Nitrogen is used in synthetic fiber spinning, wiredrawing anti-chlorination, equipment anti-corrosion, paint, preventing polymerization during the oil drying. Nitrogen is also used in oil tanker as protective gas (the surface of oil is sealed and cleaned by nitrogen.). Nitrogen can be used in dry quenching, catalyst regeneration, oil fractionation, nitrogen fertilizer raw materials, catalyst protection, washing gas, rubber packaging and storage, tire production etc., nitrogen pressure injection oil drilling and so on.


3. Specification

·Flow: 3~5000Nm3/h

·Purity: ≥95%~99.9995%

·Pressure: 0.1~0.8Mpa

·Dew point: ≤-45℃


4. Main features

Provide the user with the maximum economic value

· The filling and compacting the molecular sieve shall be made in special method so that the larger compaction intensity and higher adsorption efficiency can be got.

· The optimal design mode for processing and structure enable the system to be in the best operation.

Higher reliability

· A special valve with working life up to one million times is adopted for the system working in high stability and reliability.

· The reasonable design concept and equipment operation more safely and reliably.

Easier in operation

· Automatically recording the nitrogen preparation and easy to monitor and trace the working condition at any time.

· Fully automatically operating the system,worker on duty shall not be needed during the whole processing.


5. Main products&key parts





Sujing focuses on the core of the nitrogen technology and pay attention to the infect of the key parts on the system performance.Sujing awards the parts bid of the valve, instruments etc. to the qualified supplier in the world so as to enable the systems in batches made by Sujing to keep on the most competent.


6. The basic processing flow chart 



7. Production Capacity

Suzhou Purification Group consists of a processing center, plate work center and assembly center which are equipped with many imported equipments. With more than 30 years experience in the manufacture of special electronic equipments, the company has the design and production capacity of 5-3500Nm3/h, and the purity of nitrogen reaches 99.5% to 99.999%.


8. Advantages of PSA Nitrogen Generators produced by Suzhou Purification Group

nCompared with nitrogen generator produced abroad, such machine produced by Suzhou Purification Group has combined those advantages of products produced in Japan, German and America, boasting a high performance-price ratio.

   n The product purity may be adjusted through the change of flow rate;

n It economically consumes the energy in either low pressure or normal pressure;

n The equipment is simple in structure and may be conveniently maintained;

   n It’s controlled by a computer, practicing automatic operation.


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