High capacity continuous multi layer mesh belt Konjac Drying Machine

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High capacity continuous multi-layer mesh belt Konjac Drying Machine  

Product Description

Konjac Drying Machine Shrimp Shell Drying Machine For Seeds

Shrimp Shell Drying Machine is a kind of continuous production drying equipment, the main heating way has electric heating, steam heating, hot air heating. Its main working principle is to spread the material evenly in the network. The material is moved in the dryer by the operation of the machine, and the hot air draws out the water vapor of the material. so as to achieve the purpose of drying.
The operation temperature is 40-120 degree centigrade. And the dry cycle is 1-5 hours.
It is mainly used for fruit and vegetable, traditional Chinese medicinal materials and other agricultural and sideline products. The equipment easy to operate, save time, drying process health and protect environment.


How to dry Konjac :

1:Place the konjac on the conveyor belt of the konjac dryer. The konjac is spread on the feeder by the homogenizing device on the conveyor belt.The stacking thickness of konjac is 10-20CM.

2:After the konjac enters the konjac dryer, it runs in an “S” shape in the dryer. The transmission part of the konjac dryer adopts a variable-frequency speed-regulating motor, which can control the internal operation time of the drying according to the difference of the water content of the konjac.

3:The wind speed and wind pressure generated by the hot air blower make the hot air fully and evenly distributed inside the konjac dryer. Because the lower pressure is greater than the upper pressure, the hot air naturally moves upward, passing through each layer of the mesh belt, plus the movement and rolling of the konjac, Make the konjac fully contact with the hot air, fully heat exchange, and improve the drying efficiency. The dried konjac will drain through the last layer.

Shrimp Shell Drying Machine

The technical parameters of Shrimp Shell Drying Machine Industrial:

Layer4 layers,  5 layers, 6layers
Material Thickness50-200mm
Drying Temperature40-120℃
Drying Time0.5-5hours
Moisture Reduce75% to 8%  (Customized)
Main Machine Motor1.5kw1.5kw2.2kw3kw
Hot Air Draft Fan10C-15kw10C-18.5kw11C-22kw12C-30kw
Discharge Conveyor0.12kw (Gear speed regulating motor)
The above parameters are for reference, we can according to customer required provide best solution.


Shrimp Shell Drying Machine Industrial details:

Shrimp Shell Drying Machine

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Shrimp Shell Drying Machine 

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We usually use sea or railway containers for shipment.

Shrimp Shell Drying Machine 



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Shrimp Shell Drying Machine


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