Hot product trends OA600 bare panels best seller cement steel floor for network floor tiles

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Product Overview




Product Structure
It uses choice cold-rolled steel sheets, after spot weld forming by stretching and phosphorization, it is sprayed on the surface and filled with foaming cement in the middle. There are also holes of corner locks on four corners.

1. It uses choice steel sheets with enough thickness, and regulates after stamping and welding to assure flatness of the floor.
2. It uses choice tensile steel sheets to stretch vertically, and filled with high strength foaming cement, making corners of raised floor extremely solid and having strong carrying capacity which can transmit to supports system effectively.
3. It is strong in carrying capacity and good in fire prevention and corrosion resistance due to all-steel combination and compression molding forming.
4. It is good in interchangeability, easy to assemble and fast to repair because of modular design.

The final flooring can employ square carpets, rolled carpets or PVC veneers and solid wood blocks.

Supports System
Provided with corner locks and the adjustable four-corner supports, as well as one bracket support for four floors.

Widely used in 5A intelligent office buildings, meeting rooms, audio-visual classrooms and other dust-proof and water-proof spaces. It can employ carpets, rolled carpets on the surface.


1. OA600 Access floor panels
2. Galvanized steel sheet
3. Gasket
4. Alu-pedestal head
5. Hexagonal nut
6. Galvanized steel tube
7. Pedestal based plate glued to the raw floor.






1. Green product: Using non-toxic cement, no pollution, no radiation, and environment-friendly.
2. Fire prevention: Made of galvanized steel plate, it has characteristic of high bearing strength and good in fire prevention, can increase fire escape time.
3. High stability: With unique corner lock function, of which height can be adjusted, increasing steadiness, and it is convenient for maintaining.
4. Multi-function applicability: Supply enough space for cables, wiring, and air conditioning. Can make office more clean and tidy, comfortable and beautiful.
5. Noise reduction: The surface can be pasted with carpet tile or rolled vinyl, etc. Easy to clean and can reduce noise of interoffice.












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