Factory produce rain water collection water tank collecting plastic material

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Product Overview


Product Description

 What is Rain water collection tank?

         Rain Water collection tank is a part of Rain Water collection and utilization system. Several Rain Water collection module units are combined to form an underground storage tank. Around the pool, according to the needs of the project, wrap impervious geotextile or permeable geotextile to form different types of storage tank, permeable pool and flood regulation pool. Using the Rain Water collection module to assemble the pool has the advantages of convenient installation, large bearing capacity, no breeding of mosquitoes, flies and algae, and can be dismantled and migrated to other areas to continue to use after being used in the temporary construction area. The equipment is suitable for the collection and utilization of Rain Water in large building districts, industrial parks, squares and factory buildings. Rain Water collection module storage tank can effectively store the collected Rain Water, these stored and water resources, after treatment, can be used to flush toilets, wash roads, irrigate lawns, water features to replenish water, and even used for circulating cooling water and fire water.

Application scope of Rain Water collection tank

          Rain Water collection tank for a wide range of applications, including urban residential areas, municipal public roads, squares, park greening, industrial parks, etc., saving limited external space. It can be installed in the garden area, residential area, or even in the driving area, and cover a greater depth in the driving area. The reasonable installation of Rain Water collection tank in the driving area must be carried out under the requirements of professional engineering designers.

Advantages of Rain Water Collection tank

1. Flexible product design. Composed of several modules into a pool, the shape of the pool can be combined according to demand, no site restrictions.


2. Long service life. The morning worker Rain Water collection module adopts PP recycled material, which has high compression resistance, good corrosion resistance, aging resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance and can adapt to all kinds of harsh environment.


3. The construction is convenient and the construction period is short. The module adopts the method of splicing each other, the construction is simple, does not need the large machinery, can assemble into the box on the spot, can realize the backfilling on the same day of excavation.


4. The transportation is fast. Split design, the module can be arbitrarily disassembled, saving valuable transport space.


5. Strong bearing capacity. The module structure has super pressure bearing capacity, so the pool above can continue to be used as greening, square, pedestrian and carriageway, parking lot and so on.


6. Environmental protection. Morning work Rain Water collection module is made of recycled environmental protection PP materials, green environmental protection, deep underground will not destroy the entire ecological environment system, simple maintenance, can be recycled.


7. The cost is low. Compared with the traditional stainless steel pool and concrete pool, the morning worker Rain Water collection module reduces the time cost, transportation cost and later maintenance cost in many aspects.







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