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Jinan Mulong Mixer is in unique structure design of horizontal U-shaped barrel, two-layer spiral band, which is efficient and fast for the mixture of materials. Motivated by spiral band of the mixer shaft, the external spiral band moves inward from both sides , making the materials blending back and forth. Moreover, axial movements of partial mixture are pushed by the spiral band, in this way convective circulation can be achieved. The materials can be mixed quickly and evenly in a short time.

The machine is widely applied to medication, food, chemicals, fodder, ceramics, refractories, namely the mixture of powders and fluids; chemicals, compound fertilizer, dyes, pigments, rubber, building materials, refractories, tombarthite, resin glass, new materials, and nuclear materials industries, ie blend of solid-solid (powders and powders), solid-liquid (powders and fluids).


Jinan Mulong Machine can provide customized service for the need of mix and blend in all walks of life. The parameters of regular products are provided as followed for your information and selection, part of them are in stock and can be provided in short construction period.

model numbeOperating Voltagepower/kW


dimen sions /mm

external dimensions/mmweight/kg



200220V/380V 2.2/3-4 1000*500*720 1600*600*1100 160 0.32
300220V/380V 2.2/3-4 1250*550*750 1900*660*1150 200 0.48
500380V 4-4 1500*650*820 2200*760 *1250 280 0.735
1000380V 7.5-4 2000*1000*1100 2800*1150*1550 600 2.0
2000380V 15-4 2000*1200*1500 2800*1150*2100 1000 3.5


We are frequently asked: Which model should we choose if we want to mix hundreds kilograms of material? Generally speaking, it’s difficult to answer this type of questions, because of the different needs for different customers such as material ratio, drought-wet degree, mixing weight for each capsule. So please choose the suitable model according to the hopper size of the mixer with consideration of feedstock state!






This is the fin-inserted discharge hole, which can be changed into holistic, valve, manual, automatic type (pneumatic, electric).




Cover on the top can be opened, which is convenient for the sweep and observation of internal materials.


The cover can be designed into flat, one-piece, multi-cover type according to user requirements and crafts. All kinds of conduit mouth can be set up manually as required.




Cylindrical gear reducer is equipped. Advantages:

Rotational speed of reducer shaft and paddle structure can reduce the material weight. As the reduction of gravity, the differences of particle size, specific gravity between materials can be neglected. Intensive stirring movements shorten primary mixing time, and make the mixture faster. Despite the differences in specific gravity and particle size between various materials, the mixer still achieves great performance by fast tossing and dropping of raw materials by mixing blades in interlaced arrangement. (After deceleration of reducer, the rotation speed is 35 rpm, which can be reduced by adding frequency conversion equipment)



The internal barrel surface is smoothed by polishing and equipped with center shaft and double S-shaped paddle. Mixing materials process is fast and homogeneous, which can be finished within 5-10 minutes for each batch. Mixture of special materials need to be confirmed by users. Safe distance of 1-2 mm between Jiaolong and external surface is set, so it's normal phenomenon that there will be minute quantity of residue. But it can be solved by tips provided by thoughtful customers, for your information.





There are also matched stainless steels for the selection of customers.

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