Водонепроницаемый двойной выходной кабель катушка выдвижной Электрический пружинный приводной шнур Катушка с 45 футов шнура 12/3

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JARCH Waterproof Dual Outlet Cable Reel Retractable Electric Spring Driven Cord Reel with 45-Feet of 12/3 Cord



Product Description


Heavy Duty Power Cord Reel


JARCH's CR44S-E power and light cord reels offer many different styles of outlets and lamps. Easy to mount and structurally strong, the power cord and light cord reels have robotically welded heavy gauge steel frame that attaches to most structurally sound surfaces. For indoor, non-weather tight applications only. 

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Part NumberCR44S-E
Weight (lbs)29
Cord EndingDuplex Outlet Box
Cord/Cable Length (ft)45
Cord/Cable IncludedYes

Features of Waterproof Dual Outlet Cable Reel Retractable Electric Spring Driven Cord Reel with 45-Feet of 12/3 Cord

***Reinforced steel - The robotically welded steel base offers maximum strength and consistent quality.


***Heavy duty collector ring - A robust collector ring assures maximum conductivity current flow.


***Long life drive spring - Declutching arbor virtually eliminates possibility of spring damage due to reverse winding. Only the highest quality spring steel is used and conditioned to insure there are no imperfections offering maximum service life.


***Quality finish and corrosion resistant - Individually powder coated components offer the maximum protection from premature corrosion.

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We powder coat parts individually before installation for superior coverage and better protection against corrosion.You won't have to worry about your spring losing its strength or breaking from normal usage.

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Packaging Details:Standard Export Carton or Wooden Package
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To increase spring tension:

Adding wraps of hose will increase spring tension. This can be accomplished by pulling out approximately 10 feet of hose, hand feed hose back up through roller bracket assembly* until loop is large enough to slip over sheave. Add two or three wraps until desired tension is achieved. Do not exceed spring capacity.

To reduce spring tension:

This can be accomplished by removing wraps of hose from the reel sheave. Remove wraps of hose from the sheave, one wrap at a time, until desired tension is obtained.

*For Series D9000 reels, you will have to remove the bumper and control handle then feed end of hose through roller bracket assembly to add or remove wraps of hose from the reel drum.


2.How do I install a new drive spring and set pre-turns?


We have several different types of spring driven reels. Each require a slightly different set of instructions. For "How-To" instructions on replacing a drive spring please have your reel model or drive spring number available and consult customer service for instructions.


3.Can my spring driven reel be made "constant tension"?


While most JARCH spring retractable reels can be made "constant tension" at the factory or by simply removing the latching system there are some models that may not have this capability.

Please contact JARCH Customer Service to assure that the specific reel you have or require is capable of or available as a "constant tension" model.


4.Reel will not latch


This could mean it has a broken latch spring, bent latch pawl or latch plate. The broken part(s) will need to be replace.

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