High Quality 10 Cm Hydrangea Carnation Dried Flowers Rose Artificial Silk Peony Flower Head

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flower head










Buyers requirements

Simulation flower can be directly put in water scrub do not rub hard to prevent falling flowers or burr edge avoid with hand knead avoid

Avoid decoloring:

In the life may be due to the irresistible force caused by petal extrusion deformation - general situation to the branches and leaves slightly finishing can restore the effect

simulation flower for real color imitation object color is dark and light not blemish photo can only be used as a reference

Color difference or shape discrepancy shall not be treated as product quality problem or inconsistent product description

After wash, put in cool place air is dry, conditional word can use blower to blow dry, more be helpful for model, avoid as far as possible

Do not put the simulated flower in the water storage flower container, which may cause the exposed wire of the simulated flower branch end for a long time.But the solution is also simple, the hardware store on the market to sell glue sticks, heated and applied to the exposed areas of wire, can avoid this problem.If you can't buy it, you can melt it with a candle and apply it, but the latter method is relatively poor and easy to fall off.

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