Factory Price Sell Nano Magnesium Oxide Dispersion with MgO Nanoparticles Colliod and Nanodispersion

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Index              ModelMgO.20
Particle Size10-40nm
ShapeCrystal grain
ApperanceWhite powder
Packing:25G, 50G, 100G, 500G, 1KGs Bag filled with Argon or packing as per request.
 Storing in sealed, dry and cool condition,avoiding moisture.
Characteristics:1. High chemical purity, MgO≥99.9%.
 2. Good suspension performance in water, easy to apply.
 3. Has a lower hydration rate.
 4. Have some stickiness.
 5. New type of particulate material, white powder, high purity, large specific surface area, composed of very fine grains, odorless, good dispersibility. Monodisperse, easy to use and obvious effect
Application:1. Can be used as fillers for paints, papers and cosmetics, fillers and reinforcements for plastics and rubbers, and auxiliary materials for various electronic materials.
 2. Low-temperature sintering can be achieved without the use of sintering aids, and it can be made into high-density fine-grained ceramics or multifunctional magnesium oxide thin films. It is expected to be developed into materials under severe conditions such as high temperature and high corrosion.
 3. Absorbing material: It has good microwave absorption performance, and it can also be reinforced by adding fibrous magnesium oxide.
 4. It is an important raw material for preparing fine inorganic materials, electronic components, inks and harmful gas adsorbents.
 5, has a good flame retardant effect, can be used with wood chips, wood shavings to produce light weight, sound insulation, heat insulation, refractory fiberboard and other refractory materials and cermets.
 6. Fuel additives, cleaning agents, antistatic agents and anticorrosive agents, electrical insulator materials, manufacturing crucibles, furnaces, insulated concrete pipes (tubular elements), electrode rods, electrode sheets, etc.


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