Нормальная открытая Контактная форма автоматическое пусковое реле 4 контакта 60 А автоматическое пусковое реле стартер автомобильное реле (62428776282)

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Contact data

Contact arrangement1A , 1C
 Contact resistance 100mΩ (1A 24VDC)
 Contact material AgCdO, AgSnO
 Contact rating(Res.load) 60A 14VDC           NO 60A 14VDC/NC 50A 14VDC
 Max. switching power 1120W
 Max. switching voltage 60VDC
 Max. switching current 60A
 Mechanical endurance 1*107OPS
 Electrical endurance 1*105OPS
 Insulation resistance 100mΩ (500VDC)
 Dielectric strength between coil&contacts 750VAC 1min
 Dielectric strength between open contacts 500VAC 1min
 Operate time(at nomi.volt) 10ms max.
 Release time(at nomi.volt) 10ms max.
 Shock resistance functional 98m/s2
 Shock resistance destructive


 Vibration resistance10Hz - 55Hz 1.5mm DA
 Humidity 98% RH, 40°c
 Ambient temperature-55°c - 85°c
 Termination QC, PCB Terminal
 Unit weight Water-proof cover: approx 55g,  Other: approx 35g
 Construction Plastic sealed, Dust protected


Coil data

 Rate voltage VDCPick-up Voltage VDCDrop-out Voltage VDCCoil Resistance    *(1±10%)ΩParallel resistance *(1±5%)ΩEquivalent resistance ΩPower consumption W
Water-proof cover 12 7.2 1.2 90 680 79.5 1.6
Water-proof cover 12 7.2 1.2 90 --- --- 1.8
Water-proof cover 24 14.4 2.4 360 2700 317.6 1.6
Water-proof cover 24 14.4 2.4 360 --- --- 1.8
Other 12 7.8 1.2 85 680 --- 1.7
Other 12 7.8 1.2 85 --- 75.6 1.9
Other 24 15.6 2.4 350 2700 --- 1.6
Other 24 15.6


 350 --- 309.8 1.9


60A switching capability

1Form A contact arrangement

Coil voltage: 12VDC, 24VDC

Various mounting terminals available

Plastic sealed and dust protected types available



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Q: Are you the MANUFACTURER or Trader?

A: we are both the factory and trade company for switching power supply, as well as other products, the products are of high quality with most reasonable price.


Q: What is your MOQ?

A: the MOQ can be only 1pc, we suggest for wholesaler order for smaller order online, welcome to contact us for details.


Q: What is the LEAD TIME?

A: the lead time is usually 2-20 days, it depends on your exact product and quantity.


Q: Do you accept OEM?

A: Yes, it is highly welcome.




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