Glow In The Dark Powder/Luminous Powder Of Body Color Is Pink, Glowing Color Is Light pink

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Product Overview


Company Profile
Dalian Zhongbang Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.

Focus on photoluminescent materials since 2000, with former CTO(1996~2008) of Nemoto joined in Zhongbang in 2012, Zhongbang Chem
is proud to be a leading global manufacturer and exporter of new-type light-storage luminous materials (known as glow-in-dark
pigments). In addition, our product portfolio also includes the related products like photoluminescent PVC sheet / board,
photoluminescent plastic masterbatch, photoluminescent vinyl film sticker, photoluminescent household & art items, etc. With years
of perseverance and dedication, we have won trust and support from not only domestic customers but also overseas customers in
North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania, such as Dupont, PPG, Epson, LTI, LG Chem, ADS, Belatex, etc.
Product Description
Glow in the dark pigment absorbs light and then to emit light.
When ambient darkness occurs, it becomes highly visible, lasting more than 12 hours.
It cannot be instead of LED light. No chemical reaction actually occurs.
Upon removal of the light source, the stored light is gradually released;
the strongest glow (99% energy releases in the first ONE hour) is produced during the first 60 minutes of darkness,
the most critical period following a power failure or other emergency.
It could be rechargeable after a few minutes exposure to light to store energy again,
that’s why glow in the dark pigment circulatory.
Based on the latest breakthroughs in photoluminescent technology,
a variety of colors and different particle sizes developed to suit many authorities requirements.
Products Applications
Application Field
End Products
Mater batch, luminous key tags, switch plate, luminous emergency/evacuation signage, glow pebble, hard rail co-extrusions, etc.
Water paint, solvent coating, car paint, road marking paint, footpath coloring, glow clear varnish, desktop coating, etc.
Screen printing, gravure printing, relief printing, offset printing, etc.
Candles, souvenirs, gifts, etc.
Children toy, pet leash, pet collar, party toy, etc.
Ceramic tile, toilet, mosaic tile, glass craft, etc.
Glow bracelet, glow sticks, glow computer mouse mat, etc.
Glow T-shirt, glow gloves and a range of glow fabric.
Features of our products
1) Safe.
* Non-radioactive, non-toxic.
* Harmless, nonflammable and non-explosive.
* Free of lead, phosphorus, heavy metal and harmful elements.
* Failsafe. They always work. Once being charged, remain glowing for hours continueously, and repeatablely.
2) Stable.
* Stable in physical and chemical property. Resist heat up to 500 celcius degree.
* Explosion proof, vapor proof.
* Do not turn black after being exposed to UV light long time.
3) Energy efficient.
* Consume no electricity and need no electrical circuits to work.
* Free of battery, free of electric power, light energy such as sunlight, lamp light, all visible ambient lights, UV light, etc.
will charge it and make it glow in the dark.
* 10minutes charging, tens of hours glowing in the dark.
* Decomposed in acid and reaction products are safe to environment and human.
* Generate no hazardous radioactive wastes.
* Release no polution to air and water.
5) Cost Effective.
* Require no battery backup and are maintenance free.
* Do not expire and create no disposal problems.
* 20+years lifespan, indefinitely repeatable using.
Our Production Line
Packaging and Shipping
Shipping Methods
Ship Time
Recommended Shipping Weight
Commercial Express(DHL/TNT/FedEx, etc.)
Less than 30kgs
Postal Office Express(EMS)
Less than 10kgs
By Air
By Sea
More than 150kgs
1kg,2kgs,20kgs and 25kgs in plastic pail and iron pail.
Dimension of Packaging
1kg: L22*W15*H3cm by plastic bag.
2kgs: L28*W18*H4cm by plastic bag.
20~25kgs: D33*H38cm by pail lined with 2 layers plastic bags.
Loading Qty
24/36 pails per 1.0*1.2m standard Pallet.
2 years qty guarantee&15 days return available.
Delivery Time
3 days after receiving deposit.
Q1 - What makes your material glow? Is it safe? Is it radiactive? Is it toxic?
A1 - The material absorb and store light energy, then emit light in dark.
The material is free of radiation, non-toxic. And YES, it is safe to human and environment.

Q2 - How long your pigment can glow?
A2 - Depends on what we define "glow". Under norm DIN67510 part 1, the brightness that is higher than 0.32mcd/m2 (which is
100times of threhold of human eyes' sensibility to light) is defined as "glow".
Under norm DIN67510, the pigments glow more than 20hours, some items even glow for weeks.

Q3 - How bright of your pigment?
A3 - The glow brightness of pigments is different from each other. Generally speaking, the larger pigment particle size, the
brighter; Color-dyed glow pigments will lose some brightness, the darker, the lower of brightness.

Q4 - How to use your photoluminescent pigment?
You may browse our using guideline published on webpage FAQ.
If the contents didn't answer your questions, or any inquiry, feel free to contact us.

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