BEITIAN centimeter level gps rtk module receiver built in ZED F9P and four star multi frequency antenna BT 920N (62434699864)

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Product Overview


BEITIAN centimeter level RTK Positioning GNSS receiver built-in ZED-F9P module and four-star multi-frequency antenna BT-920N



Product Introdution

BT-920N is a receiver with built-in ZED-F9P module and four-star multifrequency antenna. The receiver has the characteristics of high-precision centimeter level RTK Positioning, high antenna gain, miniaturization, high sensitivity, multi system compatibility and high reliability, which can effectively meet the user's needs.

1. Built in ZED-F9P high-precision RTK cm level positioning module, built-in GNSS four-star multi frequency antenna;

2. Adopting multi feed point design and fully symmetrical antenna structure, it has very stable phase center and reduces the measurement error of antenna pair;

3. It has high gain and low standing wave ratio. It can receive the signal with low elevation effectively, and can receive the satellite normally when the occlusion is serious;

4. Equipped with anti multipath choke board, with anti surge design, which can effectively invert the strong interference signal outside the band, to ensure the reliability of the antenna;

5. It is designed with UV resistant PC material, which has beautiful appearance and ensures that the antenna shell will not change color when used outdoors for a long time. It has IP67 waterproof grade, high temperature resistance, sun protection and UV protection.

Aplication Area

This receiver can receive GPS L1 / L2 GLONASS L1 / L2 BDS B1 / B2 Galileo E1 / e5b frequency and support RTK differential positioning, reaching centimeter level. To meet the needs of the current GNSS measurement equipment for multi system compatibility and high-precision users, it is widely used in the fields of geodesy, channel mapping, precision agriculture and marine survey, and can also be selected and applied in the military field according to the application conditions.




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