1060 Grade Activated bleaching clay earth Rapeseed oil purification phosphatides removal

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Product Overview


Phosphatides Removal
SKYWALKER always direct its energies to satisfy clients' all requirements, after a long researching, we figured out the key to remove phosphatides not only in Hydrogen process, bleaching clay should also has its performance to optimize the work.Consider about the special feature of phosphatides, SYKOL 195A has the high porous structure on the surface and low acidity to make it up, meanwhile keep the lowest Free Fat Acid of the refined edible oil, and reduce RED color value
Paticle Size
200 mesh - 95.6%
Bleaching Ability
Free Acid
Filtration Rate
15.76 mL/minute
SYKOL 195A is regarded as the most competitive grade in SKYWALKER, with its high bleaching ability in cooking oils, and low dosage, as well the high oxidant stability of the refined oil, SYKOL 195A was highly recommended by domestic and oversea clients.
Now it's widely used in Soybean oil, Sunflower oil & Rapeseed oil in Russia or Kazakhstan, Cotton Seed oil in Uzbekistan, Fish oil or soybean oil in Vietnam, Corn oil in China or Saudi, Coconut oil and palm oil in Philippines or Thai and Sri Lanka, etc.

For further promotion this grade as our most advantage one, SYKOL 195A also sold at the very competitive price based on this grade performance.

No matter compared with other brands from China or any other countries, SYKOL 195A is always having the great cost-performance rate.

Besides, it's packaged very nice, if you're a distributors, the package can be much helpful to enlarge your market and profit space.
SKYWALKER INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION LIMITED was founded at the early of 2000s and continuously working on Activated bleaching earth,bentonite based products since its founding date. With more than 18 years development, SKYWALKER built 4 production lines which can be producing together, the daily production ability is at least 250 metric tons of the best grade bleaching clay in winter time.Based on the researching of the various clients' requirements and the study of local bentonite mines, SKYWALKER explored 15 grades of bleaching earth can be used in different purpose.
No matter Edible oils(like Sunflower oil, soybean oil, corn oil, palm oil, coconut oil, peanut oil, castor oil etc) or animal fats , paraffin wax, bio-diesel(like from coconut , palm or waste cooking oil) or Mineral oils(like Lube oil, diesel, gasoline, engine oil, aromatic purification etc), SKYWALKER could offer you the most suitable solution to satify your production requests.
Besides, SKYWALKER invested a production of Diatomite Filter Aid, Diatomaceous earth based products and all kinds of desiccant,which can be introduced in our shop.
No matter what requirements ever asked on our products, believe SKYWALKER have the capability and faith to solve all these problems
and SYKOL will be the most reliable backup to support your business development.
Looking forward to your inquiries so much, and cannot wait to move out the first step of our cooperation.

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