China Original Inner Mongolia Bentonite Activated Bleaching Earth For Soybean Oil

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Product Overview


Activated bleaching earth is also known as fuller earth and is clay that is mined in various countries including in Asia, USA and the Germany. Inner Mongolia has very rich bentonite ore, up to more than 1 billion tons.It contains montmorilloinite clay and bentonite clay as well as attapulgite clay. These clay types are found individually and also in combination.
When bleaching earth is raw it will contain silica and aluminum. In addition, bleaching earth also contains calcium, magnesium and iron. The deposit of clay looks like soil and its color can be buff, tan and yellow as well as pure white.
This substance is very absorbent and in addition it is smooth and has a greasy feel.
Product Description
Raw Bentonite mines
Raw material of SYKOL Activated bleaching earth bentonite is composed mostly by 95% montmorillonite and 68% SiO2 , it gives SYKOL a good Ion Exchanging Ability.
Inorganic acidic activation
A fter a series processes of Inorganic acidic activation, washing, drying, binding sites were
activated, surface was enlarged, enhance the absorption ability of SYKOL clay.
Brand Name
 SYKOL 195 A
Particle Size 200 Mesh
96.8 %
Decolorizing Ability
95.6 %
Free Acid
Ar content
Max 0.0005
Oil rentention
3.7 %
1 - 2%
Neutralized soybean oil bleached for 20 min at 95 ℃ with 1 % SYKOL 195 A showed the best bleaching efficiency, highest oxidative stablity, and most favourable sterols, although tocopherols were reduced.
According to the Lovibond scale, on transparency and phosphorus content, the amount of bleaching earth has the greatest influence on bleaching efficiency.
The amount and temperature significantly affected oxidative stability, in perticular the formation of secondary oxidation substance.
Performance test
SYKOL Bleaching clay for Cooking oil Refinery
1). SYKOL could absorb the pigments and impurities out of the crude oil.
2). With the low acidity, SYKOL could protect the oxidant stability of the refined oil and extend its working period.
3). Besides, SYKOL could be helpful to reduce Free Fat Acid, Phosphatide, trace of Heavy Metal and gums from the seeds' surface etc.

SYKOL Bleaching Clay working in diesel regeneration
1). SYKOL clay has the capability to expend the working life of industrial oils.
2). SYKOL bleaching earth is regarded as the cracking catalysts and absorption media here.
3).Long chained polymer and oxidized components were cracked by SYKOL and then removed by distillation.
All above reaction would be finished in suspension.
Company Information
SKYWALKER owns the exclusive mining license, which is the most important basis to start the long-term bleaching business. Besides, we employed 50+ professional researchers Southern&Northern China, to share the whole technical information in this field.
Mines & Technology determined the SKYWALKER's setting up.With more than 20 years development, SKYWALKER's business is supported by local government, as our sincerity in trading and profession in service. SKYWALKER's first policy is to respect all clients' requests which determined our development.Compared with other brands, believe SYKOL would give you a much better results.
Packaging & Shipping
Packed in 25 kg PP bags with PE inner,
920 bags / 23 MT into 1 X 20 FCL container.
2400 bags / 60 MT into 1 coach.

Packed in 25kg PP bags with PE inner ( 50 bags / pallet),
800 bags / 16 pallets (20 MT) into 1 X 20 FCL container.

Packed in 1000 kg PP bags with PE inner ( 2 bags / pallet),
20 bags / 10 pallets (20 MT) into 1 X 20 FCL container.

Q: Can I have the sample order?
A: Yes, we welcome sample order to evaluate and test our quality.
Contact us and tell me your requirement for the product you need.

Q: If I do not know the specific requirements, how to choose?
A: Please inform us of your application, the original supplier, the original source and the original specification.

Q: Is there any discount?
A: Different quantities have different discounts.

Q: What is the delivery time?
A: Delivery date within 15-30 days after confirming the sales contract and received the deposit.

Q: How do you handle quality complaints?
A: First, our quality control will reduce the quality problem to almost zero.
If the quality of the goods is caused by our reasons, we will deliver the goods to you for free or to compensate for the loss.

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