Ion beam source D52 Beams&Plasmas model 01 (62443142857)

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Ion beam source D52

Gas-discharge ion sources for generating linear ion beams. Principle of operation - anode layer ion beam source. High uniformity of ion flux distribution along the source makes it the optimum choice for substrate treatment on a drum or a carousel.
sputtering of materials from dielectric and conductive targets;
magnetron sputtering assistance;
ion cleaning, etching;
plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD);
surface modification.

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4-6 weeks
Saint Petersburg
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Laboratory of Vacuum Technologies

Laboratory of Vacuum Technology (Trademark: Beams & Plasmas ™) is an advanced, fast-growing company from the silicon valley of Russia. LVT is a manufacturer of vacuum coating equipment. High reliability and performance, reasonable and affordable are our advantage. 

LVT makes:
- 3 lines of NIKA installations (NIKA-2012, -2013, -2014)
- Process equipment lines: magnetrons, ion beam sources, plasma generators, sensors and accessories
LVT provides:
- Engineering and consulting
- Maintenance and repair of vacuum equipment
- Modernization of existing equipment.

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