Tires Recycling Production Line Automatic Scrap Tyre Plant Recycle Tire In Dubai

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Tires recycling production line automatic scrap tyre plant recycle tire in dubai


truck tire recycling equipment car tyre shredder machine waste mechanical rubber power crusher mill pellet machine

Rubber tire recycling equipment is called rubber mill, rubber pellet machine

Rubber tire recycling equipment can process waste rubber, waste tires, steel tires, truck tires, car tires, bicycle tires, tractor tires, inner tires, outer tires, soles, Gaskets, rubber powder, rubber particles, rubber mill scraps, seals, pad tires, rubber soles, V-belts, conveyor belts and other rubber products are made into rubber powder or rubber particles of the size specified by the customer. The size of the finished product range is mostly 8- 10mm, 4-5mm, 2-4mm, 0.5-1mm rubber particles, 2-10mesh, 20-30mesh, 40-120mesh fine powder.

Process flow of rubber tire recycling equipment:

Waste tires (rubbers) are put into the stripper-separation wire-cut into 50mm blocks by the coarse crusher-crushed into 5-10mm particles into the crusher-then enter the mill to grind into 5-15mesh rubber particles, rubber particles Automatically flows into the hopper of the feeding machine. The feeding machine sends the rubber particles to the mill for grinding. After grinding into powder, it enters the screening machine to screen out the number of meshes you need. The pulverizer grinds again until all the required meshes are reached, and the complete set of equipment is controlled by the distribution cabinet to be fully automated.



Rubber tire recycling equipment features:

 Waste rubber tires treated by rubber tire recycling equipment can be used with runways, school sports fields, garden paths, bowling alleys, sidewalks, composite rubber floor tiles, antistatic floor tiles, artificial lawns, playgrounds, artificial grass, football fields, kindergartens Sports courts, tennis courts, and basketball courts. The factory needs venues for shock absorption, noise reduction, and non-slip. It can also be used flexibly. It can be used in combination with various types of surface materials. Its outstanding features are non-slip, sun-proof, wear-resistant, Flame retardant; the advantage based on the above rubber powder is a new generation of environmentally friendly composite materials.

8-20mesh runway, pavement

30-40mesh tape, rubber pad

40-60mesh rubber accessories

60-80mesh tires, pipe fittings

Rubber tire recycling equipment structure:

This unit is composed of two or four grinding mills, cyclone separation device, electrical control part, vibration screening machine, dust collection mechanism and so on.

The main machine consists of a main motor, a continuously variable motor, a feeder, a dynamic grinding disc and a static grinding disc. The grinding disc is made by welding and assembling alloy blades, and the temperature is controlled by hollow water cooling.

Rubber tire recycling equipment

Through the relative movement of the two grinding discs, the material is sheared and ground by the air or water-cooled grinding discs to achieve an effective temperature control to ensure the quality of the powdered material. The feeding mechanism uses a straight screw or a continuously variable motor drive, and the motor speed is adjusted to achieve the optimal feeding speed according to different materials.


Characteristics of rubber tire recovery equipment:
The unit has a reasonable and compact structure, small installation area and convenient maintenance.

This machine has small assembly capacity, low energy consumption, and superior investment cost performance.

This machine makes the operation stable and reduces the labor intensity of workers. Zh

None in the production process: sewage discharge, exhaust gas pollution, dust pollution

truck tire recycling equipment car tyre shredder machine waste mechanical rubber power crusher mill pellet machine

Main technical parameters of rubber tire recycling equipment









Output size



5—20 mm

Input size




Cooling way

Air cooling

Water cooling

Water cooling














Tire stripping machine:

The steel wire separator of the ring mouth separates the steel wire in the ring mouth through the extrusion of the double groove rollers and the difference in the speed ratio of the two grooved rollers. The best equipment specifically for the disposal of waste tire rims.

Finished rubber powder / rubber particles:



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 The company officially registered on 27th Feb. 1995and set up factories in Gongyi City, Henan Province , since then, our factory made from crushing, molding, drying, sorting, cleaning, recycling equipment and other mechanical equipment, accumulated experience day by day.In 20 years our plant not only accumulated core technology of crushing, molding, drying, sorting, cleaning recycling equipment but also learned openness basing on sincerity.


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