Auto Wheel Roller Bearings M12649 M12610 SET3 Cup And Cone Bearings Taper Roller Type Auto Parts Roller Bearings (62458053888)

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Product Overview


Auto Wheel Roller Bearings M12649 M12610 SET3 Cup And Cone Bearings Taper Roller Type Auto Parts Roller Bearings


 Product features : 

  • Single cone (inner ring) for connecting to compatible cups (outer rings, sold separately) to form a complete single tapered roller bearing

  • Supports both radial and axial loads between a rotating and non-rotating member

  • Operating temperatures range from -54 to 120 degrees C (-65 to 250 degrees F)

  • Stamped steel cage evenly spaces rollers for reduced friction, vibration, and noise

  • Open configuration for lubrication applied in place


  Tapered Roller Bearings M12649/M12610 size information : 

Taper Roller Bearings (48).jpg


  Tapered Roller Bearings M12649/M12610 design draft :

TIMKEN M12649.jpg


Main specifications :

  • Item NumberM12649/M12610 

  • Also known asM12649/610

  • CategoryTapered Roller Bearing Single Row

Weight and Dimensions

  • Inner (d) MM21,430

  • Outer (D) MM50,005

  • Width (B) MM17,526

  • Inner (d) Inch0.8437

  • Outer (D) Inch1.9687

  • Width (B) Inch0.6900

  • Weight (kg)0.16

Product Properties

  • PrecisionStandard Precision



  Tapered Roller Bearings models reference : 

This LM11700 Series single cone with a stamped steel cage matches with a single cup (outer ring, sold separately) to assemble into a complete single tapered roller bearing, suitable for applications that support both radial and axial loads. The cone assembly does not contract or expand under operating temperatures ranging from -54 to 120 degrees C (-65 to 250 degrees F). Generally mounted in opposing pairs on a shaft to evenly distribute loads, this single cone is made of 's own high-alloy steel for durability, heat tolerance, and resistance to deformity under heavy loads. The stamped steel cage prevents rollers from coming into contact with each other during use, reducing friction, vibration, and noise.


Bearing No.Boundary Dimensions(mm)Basic Load Rating (KN)WeightSET No.
LM11749/LM1171017.46239.87813.84314.60510.66825.4260.0858SET 1
LM11949/LM1191019.0545.23715.49416.63712.06530.6320.122SET 2
M12649/M1261021.4350.00517.52618.28813.9739.140.70.169SET 3
L44649/L4461026.98850.29214.22414.73210.66831.2370.119SET 4
LM48548/LM4851034.92565.08818.03418.28813.974858.50.25SET 5
LM67048/LM6701031.7559.13115.87516.76411.81135.843.10.175SET 6
M201047S/M20101139.68873.02525.65422.09821.33663810.441SET 7
L45449/L454102950.29214.22414.73210.66828.937.20.113SET 8
U298/U261L+R34.98764.97518.120.614   SET 9
U399/360L/K426898 39.68873.02519.39522.09815.265   SET 10
JL69349/JL69310 3863171713.542.558.20.201SET 11
LM12749/LM12710 21.98745.23715.49416.63712.06530.134.60.116SET 12
L68149/L6811034.98859.13115.87516.76411.93835.748.50.167SET 13
L44643/L44610 25.450.29214.22414.73210.66831.2370.128SET 14
07100/07196 25.450.00513.49514.269.52526.728.80.12SET 15
LM12749/LM12711 21.98645.97515.49416.63712.06530.134.60.121SET 16
L68149/L68111 34.98859.97515.87516.76411.93835.748.50.175SET 17
LM102949/LM102911 45.24273.43121.4319.81215.6253.5750.33SET 18
U399A/U365L+R39.68879.9719.422.1    SET 20
1988/1922 28.57557.1519.84519.35515.87548.857.10.227SET 21
LM67045/LM67010Z 31.7559.13115.87518.511.81144.646.70.19SET 22
LM104949E/LM10491150.882.5521.5922.22516.5161.284.30.42SET 23
JL68145/JL68111Z 356015.87518.46 35470.183SET 24
JLM506848E/JLM506810559023  791110.586SET 25
JLM104946/JLM104910Z 508221.5  71960.432SET 26
LM67048/LM67010BCE-90011 31.7559.13115.87516.76411.81135.843.10.175SET 27
J15585/15520 2857.1517.46217.46213.49550.154.50.2SET 28
JLM67042/LM67010 2759.13115.87516.76411.81144.646.70.21SET 30
LM12748F/LM12710 21.4345.23715.49416.63712.06530.134.60.118SET 34
LM603049/LM603012 45.24279.97419.84219.84216.66757.173.50.4SET 36
LM603049/LM603011 45.24277.78819.84219.84215.0857.173.50.37SET 37
LM104949/LM104911 50.882.5521.5922.22516.5161.284.30.42SET 38
JLM506849A/JLM506811 5590252320.5791110.58SET 42
15123/15245 31.756218.16119.0514.28844.650.70.23SET 43
L44643X/L44610 25.450.29214.22414.73210.66831.2370.128SET 44
LM501349/LM501310 41.27573.43119.55819.81214.73257.8730.33SET 45
JL26749F/JL26710 32531515.205   0.121SET 46
LM102949/LM102910 45.24273.43119.55819.81215.74855.678.10.32SET 47
02872/02820 28.57573.02522.22522.22517.4625565.70.477SET 50


Taper Roller Bearing


Product Photos

Auto Wheel Roller Bearings M12649 M12610 SET3 Cup And Cone Bearings Taper Roller Type Auto Parts Roller Bearings photos :

30203 (3).jpg30208M  (3).jpg30208M  (6).jpg30303 (1).jpg30303 (2).jpg30303 (3).jpgLM11949 LM11910 (5).jpg



Packaging & Shipping

Bearing packages :

1) Inner Plastic Bag+ Paper Box + Carton(+Pallet);

2) Small sizes:Plastic Tube + Carton

3) Big sizes:Wooden Case   

Taper Roller Bearings (31).jpg



Application Industry

Widely used in metallurgy ,mining ,petroleum,chemical,coal,cement ,paper,windpower,heavy machinery ,enginnering machinery,port machinery and other industries. 

a. Auto wheel hub, Auto engine, Auto axle

b. Agricultural machinery, Rotary plow bearings, Tractor, Water pump, Oil engine harvester, Seeder, Tricycle, Farm vehicle, Cultivator

c.Engineering machinery, Excavator, Dozer, Paver, Loader, Hoisting machinery, Piling soil machinery

d. Steel mill machinery, Oil field machinery, Motorship machinery

e. Hardware tool, Electric power tool, Household appliance industry

f. Electronic toys, Fitness equipment, Building machinery

g. Series Of Pumps, Antiseptic Pump, Water pump, Submersible pump, Sewage pump



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