Высокопрочная огнестойкая настенная панель mgo для структурного покрытия (62458617786)

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Product Overview


Our Company


ROCKMAX is a technical company,engage in researching and applying MOC technology in different region.

ROCKMAX laboratory provide chloride free technical support for over 10 mgo board factories in China.Now we focus on manufacturing structral use fireproof board for oversea SIP producer.We are good at analysis and evaluate various raw materials,upgrade production process,final product durability assessment.

ROCKMAX delicated to research chloride free mgo board over 10 years, with capicity of 70 containers per month. We are aiming to supply a safe mgo board for building industry.Now we are able got rid of chloride ion by new technology and provide 20 years warranty "no steel corrosion and no moisture regain" for final user.

Please check our website and you will know the different between us and others. https://www.rockmaxpan.com/

Our History

2012,ROCKMAX started to produce 2nd generation chloride free mgo.
2013,ROCKMAX supply to Germany steel sandwich panel factory.
2015,ROCKMAX started to produce chloride free mgo for European and Australian SIP factories.
2016,ROCKMAX applied invention patent for –climate resistant & chloride free mgo.
2017,ROCKMAX got CE mark for European market, Code mark and Cert Mark and Australian market.
2018,ROCKMAX,build up interior durability laboratory ,simulate aging process to different international cities.
2019,ROCKMAX start technical support for global mgo production.

Production Bases

A, South Kunshan production base: 5000m2(continue expanding) Export production capacity:25 container per month(SIP skin)

B, Wuhu production base: 20000m2 Export production capacity:50 containers per month

Product Description


 ---The alternative of OSB

ROCKMAX Magply is a  extreme high strength magnesium sulfate board. It is made from compressed magnesium oxysulfate cement, high density mesh fiber, waterproof polymers and other reinforcement. Bending strength and screw holding strength similar to OSB, it is100% formaldehyde free green product and fire resistant. An innovative fire resistant board for LFS racking wall and fire resistant SIP.

A1 Fireproof
Will not release toxic gas when it is burning
Moisture resistant
Will not mildew and soften in wet condition
High strength
Bending strength 12mm>25-30 Mpa
Tested to BS EN 12467 category A for exterior sheathing
Dimension stable
Dimension changes <0.3% in exterior wall
Waterproof coating
Water absorption speed is 1/5 of normal mgo or fiber cement board
Screw Holding
Screw pull out strength close to OSB,12mm>80N/mm
Chloride free
Will not corrode metal and screw, do not damp the wall
Easy cut
Could be cut by Utility Knife

Material Safety meet EN REACH requirement, exclude 191 kind of harmful substance

Technical Data Sheet


Test Standard
BS EN 12467 -2012
Bending strength
12mm> 20-30 Mpa
BS EN 12467 -2012
Water absorbing by weight/24 hours
BS EN 12467 -2012
Water impermeability after 24h, water gauge 5 cm
Lack of leakage
BS EN 12467 -2012
Shrinkage and expansion rate(exterior)
ASTM C 1186-08
Thermal conductivity
ASTM C 518-10
Asbestos or formaldehyde
Fire Resistant
EN ISO1182 &1176
Chloride content
ASTM C 871
Wet – dry 50 cycles

Heat rain 50 cycles

Freeze-Thaw 100 cycles

Strength remain>75%

EN 12467
Category A Class 3
Surface burning and smoke
Class A Flame Spread<25
Smoke Develop<25
ASTM E 84-12
Packing & Delivery



Quantity 1 x Pallet

Loading capacity in 20'ft CNT

Bulk Load In 20'ft CNT

12mm x 1220 x 2440


65 pieces

520 pieces

650 pieces

12mm x 1220 x 2750


        65 pieces

520 pieces


12mm x 1220 x 3050


65 pieces

500 pieces

600 pieces

Other thickness and dimension can be customized


ROCKMAX Laboratory

We have our own Laboratory, and are able to do raw material evaluation, microcosmic chemical reaction inspection, physical performance evaluation, durability evaluation we can research and design, different density, strength, water absorption rate, panel's combination structure, insulation performance , fireproof performance to meet multiple applications

Production Line

Advanced equipment

Rockmax factory equipped with latest high  automatic equipment which help us staying leading status in the industry line. 


We have comprehensive standard documents and familiar with testing procedure of GB / EN / ASTM / ISO standard, we can provide accordingly test report for each shipment.


What's mgo board?

Magnesium oxide board or "mgo board" in short, It is fireproof, waterproof, light weight, high strength, moldew and termite proof wall panel, thickness range from 4mm-30mm, It consist of 3 element, magnesium oxide, salt and crystal water.

Mgo board predominately come in three different types:
-magnesium oxychloride hydrate(steel corrosion risks)
-magnesium oxysulfate hydrate
-magnesium oxyphosphate hydrate
They are formulated with different kind of salt.
Chinese magnesium oxide board industry association issued new industry standard for export mgo board.
All the mgo exporter have to indicated limitation in specification, that chloride mgo shall not be directly contacted with metal parts without rust treatment

How to check chloride content of mgo board?

Submit chloride content inspection in SGS, cost $300-400 and takes 7 working days

What is advantage of ROCKMAX mgo?

-ROCKMAX is new generation chloride free mgo board, test in full
-ROCKMAX mgo is entirely green product, material safety meet European "REACH" regulation, exclude 191 kinds of harmful material may effect health.
-ROCKMAX mgo has outstanding physical performance
.Maximum strength 8mm> 30-40 Mpa, 12mm > 25 – 30 Mpa
.Minimum low water absorption rate <10-15%
.Dimension change<0.15%
.Durability meet to Category A for semi-expose exterior wall


20 years warranty – none of steel corrosion and damp regain

0.011 s.